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Janitorial Services Handle Summer-Specific Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

May 9th, 2019 · No Comments

Along with warmer temperatures, summer brings new types of messes in the Lancaster, PA area. Although regular commercial cleaning may work well for your office’s needs in regards to restrooms, carpets, or workspace cleaning, finding janitorial services will alleviate some summer-specific issues.


Looking for janitorial services to perform a specialty cleaning task in time for summer? Here are a few ideas of specific areas where a janitor will help you around the office!


Filters and Fans: Does your office have central air conditioning or perhaps ceiling fans that continually run during the summer months? Make sure the air filters in the HVAC system are replaced as needed and the ceiling fan blades are cleaned regularly and not collecting dust and recirculating it around the office. A janitorial professional will complete these tasks as part of a regular cleaning so the air remains fresh and clean!


Water Features: Some offices include water features indoors or outdoors which may need to be shut down during the winter months. Rather than asking an employee to clear sticks, leaves, or trash out of a filthy water feature, hire a professional janitor. With proper communication a janitor will work with your company to understand specialty needs and get that water feature totally clean and running this summer!


Outdoor Seating: Perhaps your office has benches outside for folks to catch sunshine during breaks, or picnic tables out back for lunch hours. Communicate with a janitor about specific cleaning needs and make sure these items are checked and freshly scrubbed by summertime. As a result, these outdoor seating spaces can be free of dirt, dust, and bird droppings so they can be enjoyed throughout the summer.


Janitorial cleaning staff members will work with your company in Lancaster, PA and ensure you’re satisfied with their services. If you’re ready to prepare your space for the upcoming summer season with janitorial services, give our professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call today!

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