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No Shortcuts in Water Damage Restoration in York County, PA

June 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Don’t risk it: call ServiceMaster Total Restoration if you are affected by water damage, flooded basements, or other types of storm damage cleanup in York, PA!

In this part of the country there are just a few weeks where we feel like we are “out of the woods” in regards to severe weather that can cause problems with flooding. While all the snow and resulting runoff seems a distant memory, thunderstorms that formed over the Great Lakes are still passing overhead. Of course, June also marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, and we’ve come to expect some spinoffs of tropical storms having an effect on our weather even this far north. With all this water, inevitably we will have some water damage to homes and commercial properties in our area. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing water damage restoration in York County, PA, you can give ServiceMaster Building Services a call and let us take care of you.

Water damage in your home or business is no time to take shortcuts with cleanup. The do-it-yourself solution isn’t going to cut it here! A wet-dry vacuum may remove some of the moisture, but this approach can easily result in mold or even structural damage. Unscrupulous cleaning services may just be interested in quick water removal and setting up fans, but we stay with you to ensure that the job is done right.

Our water damage restoration services include immediate, full drying of the affected area by experts. If we can save your carpet, we will, but only after completely drying the carpet and what’s beneath. We then apply anti-microbial treatment and deodorization, and replace carpet pads. If any upholstery or furnishings are damaged, we are still the only call you need to make in York, as we can work to restore these items as well.

Perhaps the most important part of our service is our experience. We know what to look for to prevent lasting harm to your property. Don’t just hope that your flooded basement or other incident didn’t cause structural damage to your building. Know that experts paid you a visit, cleaned it up completely, and gave your building a clean bill of health. Shortcuts in water damage restoration can lead to unsafe buildings and drastically increase the risk of mold growth.

During one of these windows of pleasant weather, be sure to check that your property can handle whatever comes this season. Remember that water will always follow the path of least resistance. Is your roof in good shape? Are your gutters and downspouts clean? Is the ground around your property—especially parking areas—graded away from buildings? If the worst does happen, though, you only need to make one call – call ServiceMaster Total Restoration for the best in water damage restoration in York County, PA. Our restoration services are also available in the nearby communities of York, Spring Grove, Hanover, and Shiloh, PA.

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