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Why You Should Consider School Cleaning this Winter Break

December 15th, 2019 · No Comments

Winter is here in the Willow Street, PA area, which means winter break is just around the corner. While most teachers, students, and administration look forward to this time as an escape from the school building, a janitorial cleaning staff sees it as an opportunity to really get the school clean, from top to bottom!


Here are just a few of the valuable benefits you can experience by hiring a professional school cleaning company during winter break:


  • Money Saving: Although spending money on a deep school cleaning seems like a large expense to incur over winter break, this process will reduce costs in the long run. Schools need to stay up-to-date on cleaning, and it’s important to ensure that everything is clean, sanitary, and working properly. If it’s not, your school could constantly battle expensive repairs, massive maintenance work, and high rates of employee and student absenteeism!
  • Air Quality: Student allergies may seem less severe during the winter months compared to summer or spring, but these can be negatively impacted by indoor air quality. If you invest in school cleaning over the winter break, that typically includes a thorough inspection of your HVAC system. You and your students can breathe easy knowing that the indoor air is clean!
  • School Appearance: School cleaning is important for many reasons. Although aesthetics might not seem very important, students and teachers alike are motivated by a clean working environment. If you’ve noticed cobwebs collecting in corners, stains appearing on floors, or scum growing inside sinks, winter break is the perfect opportunity to get your school looking fresh again.


During winter break in the Willow Street, PA, area, make the most of the days students and teachers are out of the building. Allow a professional school cleaning staff to come in and make sure your school is clean, fresh, and sparkling before spring.


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