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How Healthcare Cleaning Can Reduce Allergens in Lancaster, PA

April 25th, 2019 · No Comments

In order to aid patients and staff members in managing allergies, consider healthcare cleaning this April in Lancaster, PA. Quality healthcare cleaning not only reduces bacteria and improves the overall appearance of your medical office; it also reduces the potential for allergens to disrupt patient and staff health.

Here are just a few ways to effectively use healthcare cleaning to reduce the threat of allergens during springtime:


Wash Floors and Rugs: Folks track allergens inside your office on the bottom of their shoes. Make sure a quality healthcare cleaner gets those floors, carpets, and rugs thoroughly washed! In certain spaces, cleaners may need to use just a vacuum to remove allergens from carpet fibers; in other spaces, a more serious cleaner may be necessary. Healthcare cleaning professionals know when and how to apply more serious cleaners.


Refresh Indoor Air: Air is also full of potential allergens, so make sure your indoor air is always fresh and clean. During healthcare cleaning, change air filters, dust ventilation systems, and use green cleaning products to improve the overall air quality. Additionally, cleaner indoor air reflects a cleaner healthcare office!


Clean on a Regular Schedule: In addition to these types of healthcare cleaning, also make sure to have a regular cleaning schedule in place. Though floors and air tend to trap many allergens, they may also cause problems if they are accumulating on desktops, computers, tabletops, or bathrooms. A regular healthcare cleaning schedule reduces the risk of allergies, while keeping the office looking fresh!


Hire Healthcare Cleaning Professionals: The best way to guarantee quality healthcare cleaning is investing in professionals. Not all companies, however, are equal. Make sure to hire cleaners that understand the risk of allergens and appreciate your healthcare office’s specific needs.


If you’re ready to invest in quality healthcare cleaning this April in Lancaster, PA, make sure to hire a company that truly cares. Give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call today at (717) 390-2044 and keep your medical office allergy-free all year long!

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