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Prevent Fire Damage in York, PA by Checking Your Smoke Detectors

October 25th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Total Restoration reminds you to check your smoke detectors this month.

Daylight Savings Time is upon us again, and there is one important task needed besides setting back your clocks- checking your smoke detectors. ‘Tis the season for house fires in York, PA now that the cooler weather is causing more homes to start up the furnace. Also, people are using their stoves and ovens more often to prepare treats for the upcoming holiday season! Accidents happen, and the team at ServiceMaster Total Restoration wants to make sure you are prepared. Fire departments nationwide agree that the batteries in your smoke alarms should be changed out twice a year, and Daylight Saving Time changes are ideal for this.

Smoke detectors are not just those annoying gadgets that go off when you burn a bag of popcorn; they are the first line of defense when there is a fire in your home. In order to protect the ones you love, your property, and your personal belongings, you’ll want to make sure the smoke detectors are working properly. Even minor fires can cause soot and smoke damage to your flooring, walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, and more. By routinely checking your smoke detectors twice per year, you could be saving yourself hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in replacement or reconstruction costs around the home.

Where should your smoke alarms go?

It’s one thing to have working smoke alarms, but it’s quite another to have them in the right place. Smoke alarms should be mounted on the ceiling 4″ from the wall. Make sure that they are not placed near drafty areas, such as windows or vents, as this reduces the effectiveness of detecting smoke in the house. The best rooms to install the smoke detectors in are sleeping areas and kitchens. Ideally, smoke alarms should be placed in bedrooms, hallways in front of bedrooms, and in basements. It is imperative that detectors are placed on every level of the home to properly monitor the entirety of the building.

Where can you buy a smoke detector?

Any big box or local retailer with a hardware or electronics department should carry smoke detectors. If you are having trouble locating them, you can always contact your local fire department. In fact, some fire departments will offer to install the smoke alarms for you!

If you have experienced a fire in your home and have fire damage to your house structure, furnishings, or other contents, don’t panic! ServiceMaster Total Restoration has been providing smoke cleanup, smoke odor removal, and fire restoration in York, PA for years! By contacting us immediately, our trained fire restoration technicians will be on site quickly to assess the extent of the fire damage and quickly begin restoring your property. Contact ServiceMaster Total Restoration today for more information!

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