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Prepare University Dorms this Fall with ServiceMaster Total Restoration Janitorial Services in York, Lititz, Lancaster, PA

August 14th, 2015 · No Comments

The fall season is rolling in and with it comes back-to-school preparation and cleaning. University campuses need janitorial services to tidy up dorms, office space, classrooms, and student apartments. Hard surface floor cleaning, computer cleaning and sanitation, and carpet cleaning are things that every university needs done before students begin to arrive on campus. If you are in the York, Lititz, or Lancaster, PA area and need a professional cleaning service, call ServiceMaster Total Restoration for all your janitorial service needs.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Most buildings on campus have tile and hard surface floors. Over the course of the summer, these collect dust and dirt from summer students and professors filing in and out. ServiceMaster Total Restoration reduces the risk of accidents by applying slip-resistant primer to the floors. Your floors will be shiny, pristine, and safe for students to walk upon this fall.

Computer Cleaning and Sanitation

University computer labs gather dust during those long summer months. Keyboards get dirty and harbor germs and filth between the keys. Sanitizing keyboards and removing dust will liven up the labs for student use, cut down on germs, and prevent sickness on campus.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are common in dormitory halls and in administrative buildings. Carpets gather dust quickly and can hold on to dirt for a long time. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned will improve the appearance of your building and foster a healthy environment. Mold can easily grow underneath carpeting in the summertime. Having it cleaned is a sure way to prevent that from happening.

On top of getting back-to-class stress, cleaning is not something students should need to worry about when they move in. Clean flooring and facilities are important factors for improving a student’s stay. If you need janitorial services in the York, Lititz, or Lancaster PA area, call ServiceMaster Total Restoration.

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