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Choose Correctly for Commercial Floor Cleaning this August in the York, PA, Area

July 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Commercial floor cleaning is important any time of the year in the York, PA, area, but especially as you wrap up the summer months! Although the weather in August may seem fair compared to the upcoming seasons, summer rainstorms result in mud, dirt, and grime, which all tracks onto your office floors.


Rather than allowing your floors to remain messy and muddy this summer, end the season strong. Give the professional team at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County a call today. We understand how to choose the required and proper products for any type of commercial flooring, including:


  • Mop Selection: Not all mops work exactly the same or provide a high-quality cleaning for your commercial floors. There are a lot of different types of materials, from sponge to microfiber, but how do you know which works best? Instead of guessing, allow our professional team to take care of the mopping!
  • Chemical Choices: There are so many types of cleaning products available for commercial floors, but different types of flooring require unique products. Rather than accidentally throwing hardwood cleaner on your concrete, or tile cleaner on marble, allow the professional staff at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County to keep those floors looking fresh!
  • Maintenance Techniques: Would it be best to use a broom or dry mop? Does the flooring in your office entryway require liquid cleaner, or would that damage the floor’s surface and lifespan? Investing in the team at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County will take the guesswork out of your cleaning and guarantee consistent, safe floor care!


Take the uncertainty out of your commercial floor cleaning this August in the York, PA, area and leave the professional cleaning to our experienced staff. We’re here to provide expert floor cleaning and answer any questions you have about the process.


For all your commercial floor cleaning needs, call ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County today at (717) 767-4567!

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Avoid Common Janitorial Cleaning Complaints in the Lancaster, PA Area

July 1st, 2019 · No Comments

Janitorial cleaning is an important part of your commercial business in the Lancaster, PA area. Quality janitorial services are often overlooked simply because they allow your office to keep functioning as usual. Lower quality services, however, typically result in a few common complaints from staff members.


Rather than risking any of the following complaints about commercial cleaning, invest in a high-quality janitorial cleaner. The folks at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County will ensure your commercial spaces are clean and that you never hear complaints like:


  • Unpleasant Odors: The professional janitorial services team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County understands how to properly dispose of trash before it becomes a problem. Whether in your office space or staff restrooms, our professional cleaners will make sure unpleasant odors aren’t a part of your daily routine!
  • Sticky Floors: Especially if walking on tile or hardwood floors, there’s nothing more annoying than your shoes sticking as you hurry to an important meeting or conference call. The janitorial services team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County understands how to properly remove residue, dirt, mud, and debris from your floors, and will make walks across the office more pleasant!
  • Spots and Stains: Spots and stains tend to appear on many office surfaces including flooring, windows, desks, computer monitors, counter tops, and light fixtures. Our quality janitorial services team understands how to look for and treat staining and spotting and will remove these problems before they become a distraction around your office.


Rather than risking complaints from staff members, customers, or clients in the Lancaster, PA area, give the professional staff at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call before the clutter collects. Our janitorial services team understands how to take care of common commercial cleaning issues around your office and will anticipate where to most effectively begin cleaning.


Keep your commercial office looking professional all year round by contacting us here  or giving our janitorial services team a call today at (717) 390-2044.

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Types of Floor Cleaning in the Elizabethtown, PA, Area

June 26th, 2019 · No Comments

This summer, invest in quality floor cleaning in the Elizabethtown, PA, area. Commercial spaces out there have all types of flooring, and ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County understands how to handle each kind of tile, stone, and wood.

Here are just a few types of flooring and floor cleaning services we offer:


Vinyl: These types of floors are popular for commercial spaces because vinyl is both sturdy and easy to clean, which mean vinyl floors can withstand long days at the office. However, as a result of all the foot traffic and use, they do tend to collect dirt, dust, and grime. At ServiceMaster, we’ll make sure that both your vinyl floors and grouting are regularly taken care of during commercial floor cleaning!


Tile: Although tile flooring may be slightly more expensive to install than vinyl, here’s a secret: Tile floors are just as easy to clean! Our professionals can keep each of tile in the flooring looking fresh with routine dry and wet mopping, and occasional deep-cleaning.


Ceramic: Ceramic floors require a specialty touch, and the professional floor cleaning staff at ServiceMaster of Lancaster County understands which products to use to get the job done! If you don’t know where to get started with your ceramic, allow us to handle the job.


Other: If you are uncertain how to treat your commercial floors, or can’t determine concrete from natural stone, allow our professional staff to help. We have years of experience working with all different types of floor cleaning, and will bring the right products for your job!


Floor cleaning requires different products in the Elizabethtown, PA, area, but a similar level of expertise. Fortunately, the team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County has seen or worked with them all, and knows exactly how to clean and maintain your commercial floors. Give our professional, experienced staff members a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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Understanding Healthcare Cleaning Services in the Manchester, PA, Area

June 18th, 2019 · No Comments

When it comes to your healthcare cleaning needs in the Manchester, PA, area, it’s important to work with a company that has your facility’s best interests in mind. The professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County understand the importance of a high-quality cleaning, and work to ensure your patients remain safe.

But, what exactly does healthcare facility cleaning entail? Here are just a few key terms that illustrate the work provided by healthcare facility cleaning:


General Sanitation: This work provides an overall cleaning to a surface or area, first by removing excess dirt, debris, or stains, and then by disinfecting. Around healthcare facilities, this process is extremely important for keeping patients safe!


Disinfection: Whereas general sanitation includes cleaning, disinfection focuses specifically on targeting and killing germs. Hiring a professional healthcare cleaner, such as our qualified team, ensures that germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance!


Cross-Contamination: Our professional staff avoids cross-contamination, or the transference of germs from one place to another, by following strict guidelines for healthcare cleaning. We use only the best healthcare cleaning materials, and work to remove germs effectively and consistently!


Terminal Clean: This term refers to the process of cleaning a room after a patient discharge. During the healthcare cleaning process, terminal cleaning is serious business, and often involves thorough cleaning and disinfecting in order to ensure the room is ready for the next patient.


All these specific types of healthcare cleaning are best left to the professionals in the Manchester, PA, area. Do not risk the health of your staff and patients by hiring a subpar cleaning service; instead, trust your healthcare facility cleaning to the experienced folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County!

Ready to get started? Give us a call today at (717) 767-4567, and allow our professionals to keep your healthcare facility both germ-free and patient-ready!

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Care for Food to Help Keep Commercial Offices Clean in the Lancaster, PA, Area

June 14th, 2019 · No Comments

Summer months mean summer menus in the Lancaster, PA, area! Whether you’re trying to eat healthier by including more greens in your diet or are excited that the warm weather inspires ice cream shops to open, there are a lot of reasons to associate food with summer.

If you’re looking to keep your commercial office clean, however, these menu shifts may cause a few issues during work hours. Here’s how to keep a clean working and eating environment throughout the warmest months of the year.

Designate Eating Areas: When working on an intense project, completing a deadline, or communicating with a client, eating lunch at your desk may seem like the best option. But if you’re hoping to keep your commercial space clean all week long, opt to eat in designated areas such as the break room. Leaving crumbs or wrappers around the office may attract bugs or even rodents!

Dispose of Perishables: Office refrigerators oftentimes become a catch-all for unwanted food items, and if any of these are perishable, they could become a problem. Create a rotating volunteer chart of folks who will go through the refrigerator each week to make sure to remove any perishable items on counters or desktops too!

Defer Food Disasters: Maybe you booked flight tickets for Italy this June, or maybe your family plans a regular road trip at the start of the summertime. Either way, make sure to clean up your commercial space before leaving for an extended vacation! In addition to leaving spaces free of clutter and reachable for commercial cleaning staff, you’ll also be sure to toss out that half-eaten candy bar or bag of jelly beans in your space!

Although you trust your commercial cleaning to an experienced staff in the Lancaster PA, area, such as the folks at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County, caring for food on a daily basis supports the excellent work we already provide. Keep your commercial office clean this summer by keeping an eye on the food eaten in it!

For commercial cleaning services or additional ideas, give our staff members a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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Take Care of Summertime Carpet Cleaning in the Millersville, PA, Area

May 31st, 2019 · No Comments

Carpet cleaning is important all year long in the Millersville, PA, area, but especially during the summer months. As the weather changes, so do the types of wear and staining experienced by your carpet.


Fortunately, there are carpet cleaning professionals who understand how to treat every type of stain. The folks at ServiceMaster of Lancaster County will remove any stain from your office carpets, including:


Grass Stains: Even if your staff members wipe their feet, occasional grass stains are bound to happen during the summer months! Chlorophyll in grass unfortunately makes a great dye, which leaves carpets vulnerable to the outdoor elements. If grass happens to get ground in to your carpets, make sure to address the stain quickly. Otherwise, it’ll become a permanent mark in your hallway, entrance, or conference room!


Drink and Food Spills: Although summertime is a great time to host company cookouts, picnics, or other social events, these celebrations may leave your carpets looking a little dull! Watch out for spilled barbeque sauce and beverages, and always start by blotting out stains rather than rubbing them. Then, call in the professionals to help carpet clean!


Mud Tracks: After a summertime rain, look out for mud tracked through the front door! Although mud stains can be removed, it’s easiest if you allow the mud to dry first. Then, once additional staining is no longer an issue, vacuum up the dried-up mud. If the mud stain is stubborn, however, make sure to call in professional assistance!


As summertime approaches in the Millersville, PA, area, make sure that your carpeting is prepared. Offices are busy during this time of year, with social gatherings and outdoor events, but the folks at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County are here to keep your office looking fresh!


Ready to start the carpet cleaning process? Give our professional team a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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Tackle Tricky and Tough Floor Cleaning in the Lititz, PA, Area

May 24th, 2019 · No Comments

May is here in the Lititz, PA, area, and it’s the perfect time to get your floors looking fresh. If stains and scuffs have become an ongoing issue in your entryways, halls, or office spaces, contact our professional cleaning team to help.


Here are just a few of the common stains that the professional floor cleaning team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County will help eradicate:


Shoe Scuffs: Racing to a meeting in a new pair of dress shoes or hurrying to the break room in heels? Scuff marks from shoes are a matter of office life, but they don’t have to be a permanent part of your workplace. If there are stubborn scuffs embedded into your floors, contact our professional floor cleaning team to help.


Ink Stains: Whether a pen exploded or a coworker accidentally dropped a felt tip onto the floor, spilled ink leaves a stain on both hard flooring and carpeting. Rather than allowing customers to see these stains and spots, show them to our professional team, which will get your floors looking fresh again!


Gum: An easy way to remove gum from your office surfaces is to apply an ice cube to the area and then gently scrape away the excess stickiness. However, if there’s a collection of gum in your office space, performing this task could take all day! Rather than waste valuable worktime, call our professionals to remove gum and other sticky materials from your office floor.


When it comes to commercial floor cleaning in the Lititz, PA, area, make sure to consider regular cleaning. Dusting and vacuuming are valuable, but for trickier and tougher types of stains, make sure to call a team that understands exactly what to do. Give us our team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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Janitorial Services Handle Summer-Specific Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

May 9th, 2019 · No Comments

Along with warmer temperatures, summer brings new types of messes in the Lancaster, PA area. Although regular commercial cleaning may work well for your office’s needs in regards to restrooms, carpets, or workspace cleaning, finding janitorial services will alleviate some summer-specific issues.


Looking for janitorial services to perform a specialty cleaning task in time for summer? Here are a few ideas of specific areas where a janitor will help you around the office!


Filters and Fans: Does your office have central air conditioning or perhaps ceiling fans that continually run during the summer months? Make sure the air filters in the HVAC system are replaced as needed and the ceiling fan blades are cleaned regularly and not collecting dust and recirculating it around the office. A janitorial professional will complete these tasks as part of a regular cleaning so the air remains fresh and clean!


Water Features: Some offices include water features indoors or outdoors which may need to be shut down during the winter months. Rather than asking an employee to clear sticks, leaves, or trash out of a filthy water feature, hire a professional janitor. With proper communication a janitor will work with your company to understand specialty needs and get that water feature totally clean and running this summer!


Outdoor Seating: Perhaps your office has benches outside for folks to catch sunshine during breaks, or picnic tables out back for lunch hours. Communicate with a janitor about specific cleaning needs and make sure these items are checked and freshly scrubbed by summertime. As a result, these outdoor seating spaces can be free of dirt, dust, and bird droppings so they can be enjoyed throughout the summer.


Janitorial cleaning staff members will work with your company in Lancaster, PA and ensure you’re satisfied with their services. If you’re ready to prepare your space for the upcoming summer season with janitorial services, give our professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call today!

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Tips for Commercial Cleaning Maintenance in Shiloh, PA

May 5th, 2019 · No Comments

When it comes to maintaining your Shiloh, PA, office with commercial cleaning, there’s always plenty to do. Keeping your business looking great can be time-consuming, but it is important, and we want to help make sure your office always looks its best.


Here are just a few quick and easy ways to maintain your office with commercial cleaning:


Hire Professionals: To keep employees focused at the office and ensure they’re making the most of their work hours in an already hectic daily schedule, hire a quality professional commercial cleaner instead of having your employees handle office cleaning. With a commercial cleaning staff, you’ll have more consistent, readily available cleaning support for yourself and your team!


Keep a Tidy Mindset: Once you hire a professional commercial cleaner, make the most of your investment. Encourage office employees to support your investment by regularly tidying up personal spaces and messes. Then, when the commercial cleaners arrive, they will be able to spend more quality time on cleaning larger areas, which impact the entire office. Additionally, encouraging a tidy office increases worker morale!


Provide Cleaning Materials: Consider investing in a few minor cleaning materials for staff members to utilize. For example, purchasing a container of cleaning wipes, a broom, or a mop will encourage staff members to clean more often. Just make sure the cleaning materials are in an accessible area, so staff members can tidy between commercial cleanings!


Although hiring a professional cleaner is the best place to start when developing a commercial cleaning routine in the Shiloh, PA, there are other miscellaneous ways to keep your office clean. By involving staff members and providing supplies, you’ll make the most out of your professional cleaning investment.


Are you ready to hire a professional cleaner? Call the professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County today and make sure your office always looks its best!

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How to Care for Commercial Carpets between Carpet Cleaning in Dover, PA

May 1st, 2019 · No Comments

When handling commercial carpets this April in the Dover, PA area, make certain you understand exactly who you’re hiring and how you’re maintaining your carpeting between cleanings. Fortunately, the folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County understand exactly how to help you!


Here are ways to keep your commercial carpeting looking fresh, even between cleanings!


Handle Stains: If there’s a spill on the lunch room carpeting, or perhaps an ink cartridge slips onto the floor, immediately try to clean it up. Although a commercial carpet cleaning service will take care of residual spots during routine carpet cleanings, immediately addressing spills will increase the likelihood of an effective deep cleaning.


Apply Carefully: While tackling stains is important, make sure you use the correct cleaning products for your carpeting. That may mean spending a little extra money on quality carpet cleaners or double-checking the ingredients on your DIY cleaning list. Apply with care, and always test a new cleaning product in an unnoticeable corner first!


Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure: Many business owners don’t realize that carpeting can be damaged by excessive exposure to the heat and UV rays of sunlight. Although sunshine doesn’t cause your carpets to become dirty, it can deteriorate the carpet fibers and cause the carpeting to fade. As a result, it won’t last as long or stay looking fresh and welcoming. So, pull down the blinds often, and show your carpets some love!


Budget Thoughtfully: Although many companies are looking for ways to save money, carpet care is not the place to cut costs. Stay within your budget, but don’t entrust your carpeting to inexperienced carpet cleaners. Instead, hire the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County. Our experienced technicians utilize the most modern equipment, techniques, and cleaning solutions to ensure your carpeting is safely and effectively cleaned and stain-free.


Take care of your commercial carpets this April in the Dover, PA area. In addition to entrusting your carpets to our professional staff members, make sure to also take care of your carpets between cleanings.


For all your carpet cleaning needs, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County today!

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