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Protecting your Business’ Carpets from Salt in Lancaster, PA with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

November 20th, 2018 · No Comments

During the winter months, carpeting takes a beating with wet soggy snow, slush, and dirt being tracked in. With every step into your Lancaster, PA office, your carpeting is being tamped down, dirtied, and subjected to wear-and-tear. But of all the things that track in on your shoes and boots, the worst offender is road salt. While road salt is great for melting ice on our roads and sidewalks, its alkaline nature wreaks havoc on your commercial carpets. With winter far from over and more and more salt is being tracked onto your carpets, ruining them. That’s where we come in. ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County provides commercial carpet cleaning to help keep your carpeting from being worn down by the effects of road salt.

Technicians Who Understand Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While the salt may seem like nothing more than an annoyance, it can cause serious damage to your carpets and needs to be treated by professional commercial carpet cleaners. Road salt is comprised of different elements including calcium carbonate and sodium chloride. As we mentioned, salt is alkaline, and care must be taken to making sure the right cleaning solutions are used to remove the salt from the carpet fibers. If not cleaned correctly, the salt residue can be ground into the fibers when the carpet becomes damp, causing those nasty white rings to appear again and again. This commonly happens when people attempt to DIY their commercial carpet cleaning with commercial cleaning fluids that are also alkaline. The two compounds don’t mix, and you’ll end up with carpeting that, at best, is not completely cleaned and, at worst, damaged. Our trained commercial carpet cleaning technicians are trained to analyze your commercial carpeting to determine kind of fiber and material it’s made of and the best cleaning methods to keep it clean and staying that way.


We also want to help you prevent salt from damaging your carpets!

To help protect your commercial carpets, we suggest you:

  • Invest in walk-off mats around your doorways to minimize the salt, snow, and dirt that is tracked onto your carpeting
  • Keep doorways and walkways up to your building as free of snow as possible
  • Increase the frequency of your carpet cleaning during the winter months to quickly remove salt, sand, and other debris before they become a serious problem


Don’t wait until it’s too late! We can help you protect your carpeting investment with commercial carpet cleaning services to reduce the effects of road salt on your flooring in Lancaster PA. Contact us at (717) 390-2044 to schedule your appointment today!

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Floor Cleaning for Every Floor in your Millersville, PA Business

November 15th, 2018 · No Comments

If you have people walking across the floors of your Millersville, PA business, you need professional floor cleaning. We service many kinds and sizes of businesses with a broad range of floor cleaning options. Think of us as your one-stop solution for floor cleaning! The professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help your business maintain exceptionally clean, safe, and visually appealing flooring.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning for your business is not a DIY project; you have better things to do! Over-the-counter rental carpet cleaning machines are not well maintained and don’t have a professional using them. They also dispense too much water and cleaning solution that can cause your carpeting to remain damp for days, inciting mold growth. We use only high-quality cleaning solutions that are extracted the right way, leaving your carpet fibers perfectly clean and smelling fresh.

Area Rugs/Walk off Rugs

These rugs are often overlooked but should be professionally cleaned at least annually, more often if your office sees a lot of foot traffic. Our trained cleaning technicians can analyze the type of fibers and dyes used to make these rugs and let you know how often they should be cleaned.

Hard Surface Floors

We clean a multitude of hard flooring including ceramic tile, composition tile, vinyl, marble, and more. With our state-of-the-art equipment and floor cleaning experience, we can make your floors shine. Regular floor cleaning also helps reduce wear and tear and prevents pitting or ruts in the floor that can cause trip and fall accidents for employees or customers.

Find Professional Floor Cleaning Help Today!

For a free quote on any of your floor cleaning needs in Millersville, PA or the surrounding areas, contact us online or call us at (717) 390-2044. We can create a floor care cleaning plan that works for your facility and budget. Don’t trust anything less than a professional floor cleaning technician to keep your commercial flooring looking great!

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Holding Ourselves to the Highest Healthcare Cleaning Standards in Lititz, PA

November 9th, 2018 · No Comments

Healthcare facilities are dynamic and busy places day and night. If it’s a hospital, dental office, or general practitioner’s office, there’s always someone coming or going, and of course, there are always sick people and germs to think about. If you’re maintaining a healthcare center, your job is busy all day, every day. It can be hard to think about keeping up with healthcare cleanliness guidelines when you have other important things to attend to. That’s where ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County comes in. We provide quality healthcare cleaning services in Lititz, PA, and we can help keep your facility clean and up to OSHA’s sanitation standards.
A written schedule of healthcare cleaning is required by OSHA wherever there’s an area that could be affected by blood or other infectious materials. Details such as when the area is cleaned and what surfaces were cleaned as well as what chemicals are used are important for your healthcare facility to continue receiving funding. OHSA refers to the type of cleaning chemicals used as “appropriate disinfectants,” and these rules should be followed to ensure the highest standard of cleaning for your facility. Our healthcare cleaning technicians are extensively trained to properly clean your healthcare facility.

For example, you wouldn’t want a healthcare cleaning company to reuse a bleach solution that they mixed days before as it would not be strong enough to disinfect. Using fresh solutions helps prevent bacteria and germs from cross-contaminating surfaces. Germs and pathogens can live on surfaces longer than you might imagine. Hepatis B can survive on a surface for a week or more. Using microfiber clothes and the right chemicals can trap and remove germs that you certainly don’t want in your facility.
Managing any medical facility in Lititz, PA is a big responsibility. You need to make sure patients are safe, your staff is happy, and all of the proper healthcare cleaning is done to OSHA standards. We have the experience and required tools to help you reach all these goals with our professional healthcare cleaning. To find out how we can help keep your facility sparkling clean and germ-free, contact us today at (717) 390-2044.

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Why You Need Commercial Cleaning Services in Lancaster, PA

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Professional commercial cleaning in your office isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity! The look of your Lancaster, PA business can quickly take a turn for the worse if you don’t keep up with cleaning. It may seem that a little dirt here and there won’t be noticeable, but it can create the wrong impression for your customers and make your staff feel unappreciated.  Here are just a few things our professionals do to keep your business looking spotless:


  1. Kitchen/Vending Area Cleaning – If you have a break room or a vending area, it probably sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. From messy microwaves to fingerprints on coffeemakers, we can take care of it all. We’ll thoroughly clean, sanitize, and deodorize these common areas to keep them looking great.
  2. Desk/Conference Room Cleaning – Desks and other work areas are where dirt, grime, and germs like to gather. We clean and sanitize these high-touch areas with care so people aren’t sitting down to a messy workspace. Keeping these areas clean also has the benefit of reducing workplace illnesses.
  3. Window Cleaning/Curtains/Blinds – Making sure your windows are smudge-free on both sides and blinds or curtains are dusted means your outward appearance will shine. Our professional commercial cleaning crew goes the extra mile to make sure that whether you’re looking out or customers are looking in, your company façade is one of being clean and cared for.
  4. Commercial Floor Cleaning – Dirty entryways and dusty hallways are not only an eyesore; they can present a trip and fall hazard to your staff and customers. We’ll keep your floors looking great. Carpet, hard surface flooring, or whatever kind of specialty flooring your commercial building has, we can handle it. Our trained commercial cleaning crew can have your floors looking great as often as you need us there.


Our commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA are customizable for each client. Let us work with you to create a commercial cleaning schedule that meets the needs of your facility and budget. Contact one of our helpful staff members at (717) 390-2044 today to discuss what ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help you with to keep your building looking great!


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What Goes Into Carpet Cleaning for your Shiloh, PA, Business

October 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

The carpeting in your facility takes a beating every single day. Many people think that carpet cleaning should happen only when they start to see dirt and signs of wear, but by then severe damage to the fibers may have already occurred. Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning for your Shiloh, PA office can reduce premature wear and tear on your carpeting and minimize the need to invest in new carpeting and floor coverings.

We approach carpet cleaning in a multi-step method that helps clean and restore the carpeting in accordance with the cleaning process suggested by major manufacturers. This allows your carpeting to look and smell great. We can clean any kind of carpeting or area rugs in your office, facility, or store.



Identifying trouble spots and pre-treating stains is our specialty and just one of the ways we go above and beyond. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians know what areas need particular attention before the cleaning starts. We utilize a variety of solutions for different areas of the carpeting including high traffic areas, stains, and entryways.


Industry-Approved Equipment

Our carpet cleaning equipment sets the gold standard in our industry, and we meticulously maintain it. By using hot water extraction methods, we get deep down into the fibers to lift and extract stains, soil, and grime. This proprietary process thoroughly cleans your carpeting and won’t leave you with a soggy carpet you can’t walk on for hours. Your carpet will dry quickly so you can get back to business.



After the carpet is cleaned we groom the carpets to realign the nap. This allows the carpet fibers to separate and “fluff” to give it that uniform, new-carpet look.

Regular carpet cleaning can mean the difference between extending the life of your carpeting in your Shiloh, PA facility or replacement every few years. Allowing dirt to settle into the carpeting means discoloration and noticeable staining which translates into a messy work environment.

Our trained carpet cleaning experts will work with you to create a carpet cleaning schedule that fits your budget and matches the amount of traffic your carpet experiences on a weekly basis. Contact us online or call ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County at (717) 767-4567 today.

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Extend the Life of your Floor Covering for your Dover, PA Business with Commercial Floor Cleaning

September 26th, 2018 · No Comments

Commercial floor covering is one of the costliest investments you can make for your business, so it only makes sense to maintain it. For most businesses, carpet replacement will happen as soon as five years after installation, but with proper floor cleaning services it can last much longer. Tiling or hardback flooring can last 8 to 10 years, but high-traffic areas may show wear sooner. The replacement time will vary depending on how much foot traffic you have, how much of the outside elements are brought onto your flooring, and how rigorous you are about floor maintenance. ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County provides professional floor cleaning services in Dover, PA.

Here are some tips on how to keep your floor covering protected in-between professional floor cleaning services:



Regular vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to keep your carpeting looking great, the nap of the fibers healthy, and removing dirt, hair, and allergens from the carpeting. Don’t have the time to do this yourself?  We can help! Most carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming 2 to 3 times per week, and we use industrial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to help capture and remove any substance that sits in the carpet fibers making it look dingy or dirty.


Door Mats or Hall Mats

High-traffic areas such as entryways, hallways, or outside of rooms will benefit from mats to keep the dirt from moving from one place to another. A well-placed doormat should be three strides long to capture any snow, dirt, soil, or lawn chemicals from traveling in on your shoes.


Spot Cleaning Spills

If you or a coworker spills something on the flooring, let us know and we can help with effective spot cleaning services. Letting a stain set for too long can mean nasty discolorations on the flooring which may necessitate total replacement.

Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County today at (717) 767-4567 and let us help you with your commercial floor cleaning needs in Dover, PA. We’ll gladly work with you to form a floor cleaning plan that’s perfect for your needs and budget.

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Healthcare Cleaning is More than Dusting and Vacuuming for your Hanover, PA Facility

September 19th, 2018 · No Comments

When you walk into a healthcare facility, you might think that everything “smells clean.” The stringent smell of antiseptic is often associated with “clean” in our minds, but the fact is that there is much more to it to than just smelling clean in a healthcare facility setting. ServiceMaster Commercial Services in York County has professional healthcare cleaning technicians who understand how to clean your healthcare facility in Hanover, PA.

Even if the floors, windows, and doors are gleaming in a healthcare facility, germs are lurking. Hundreds of people walk through healthcare facilities each day. Along with people who are entering with an illness, there are also day-to-day germs, dirt, and bacteria that ride in with us on our clothes and shoes. A human is always shedding skin, hair, and mucus. The busier the facility, the more it needs professional healthcare cleaning services.

Especially important is the thorough cleaning of high-touch areas such as doors, doorknobs, faucets, counters, chairs, and any surface a person would lie on. These areas require frequent cleaning as they’re often being touched by people with compromising illnesses. These areas must be cleaned to a higher standard than that of regular janitorial services because of the risk of diseases spreading. The methods that we use capture and remove germs, bacteria, and pathogens from areas that are often used.

More attention must also be paid to out of the way areas in a healthcare setting. These areas include cleaning vents and light covers, HVAC vents, the tops of cabinets, or anywhere else dust could settle. Frequent dusting is also very important to keep allergens at bay in a healthcare facility.

Let us help give you peace of mind that your healthcare cleaning is being done the right way by trained professionals. Don’t risk the high likelihood of infection being transmitted in your facility if you don’t have proper cleaning protocols in place to keep employees, patients, and visitors safe and healthy.

We service all healthcare facilities in Hanover, PA and the surrounding area. Contact us to find out more about our professional healthcare cleaning services at (717) 767-4567 today.

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Floor Cleaning Can Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents in your Willow Street, PA Business

September 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Many people are surprised to find out that slip and fall accidents are one of the most commonly reported accidents in the workplace. In many cases, they’re also the most preventable! Slip and fall accidents can be both dangerous and costly to your Willow Street, PA business and its reputation. ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County offers professional floor cleaning services to help you prevent the incidents of slip and falls in your building.

One of the best ways to keep your staff, customers, or visitors safe from slip and fall accidents is to keep your hard surface floors clean. In the winter, snow, sludge, and salt can gather on the floor and cause hazards. During the summer, rain, chemicals from lawn care, or oils and grease from parking lots brought in on shoes are the main culprits for causing slips and falls. Regardless of the type of flooring you have, it’s important to have a floor cleaning plan in place for your business to keep the floors looking great and people safe from slips and falls.
Here are some sobering statistics from the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) regarding slips and falls in the workplace:

  • Floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million floor injuries each year
  • Compensation and medical costs of people falling in the workplace is estimated at $10 to $13 million per-year in the U.S.
  • Falls occur in virtually all manufacturing and service sectors


No matter what kind of flooring you have in your facility, it needs to be maintained to help prevent slips and falls with professional floor cleaning.

Hard Floors

Hard surface floors need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent pitting, dipping, and tracks in the flooring which can be a source of slips and falls.



Carpeting is often the most expensive investment in your building. Keeping it clean with a professional floor cleaning service keeps it from getting worn, torn, or frayed.

Regardless of the type of flooring you have in your Willow Street, PA business, it needs floor cleaning to keep it looking great and prevent it from causing slips and falls.  ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help you properly maintain your flooring and reduce the risk of costly slip and fall accidents. For additional information on our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (717) 390-2044 today.

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The Critical Healthcare Cleaning Difference in York, PA

September 6th, 2018 · No Comments

Living up to the standard of care that medical facilities need is serious business. When it comes to healthcare cleaning in your York, PA medical center or clinic, you can trust that ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County will meet and exceed the industry standard. We use only the gold standard of cleaning techniques and strictly adhere to all OSHA safety standards. Here are just some of the things you can expect when you hire our expert technicians:


  • They understand the importance of proper care, cleaning, and maintenance of the medical equipment in your facility
  • The use of the right cleansers, disinfectants, and capture and removal techniques
  • They don’t just spread dirt, dust, and bacteria around; they remove it
  • Proper ventilation standards when using any cleaning chemicals


We understand that when proper care is not given to your healthcare facility it can mean accidental exposure to your patients, and we take that very seriously. All our healthcare cleaning technicians are rigorously vetted, trained, and understand that the health of your employees and patients is critical to your success. Also, all healthcare cleaning technicians we employ adhere to SDS information, OSHA standards, and HIPPA practices.


We understand that cost, safety, and your reputation is top of your mind when searching for a healthcare cleaning company. We have years of experience behind us and we’ll work with you to form a healthcare cleaning plan that’s perfect and economical for the size of your facility.


A professionally trained healthcare cleaning staff is critical for the job to be done the right way, every time. We work quickly, efficiently, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your York, PA facility is being cleaned by a staff that understands the unique needs of medical cleaning.

To talk more about healthcare cleaning for your facility, please contact one of our team members and we’ll give you all the details at (717) 767-4567 or online here.

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Why Outsourcing Janitorial Cleaning Services Makes Sense for Your Lancaster, PA Business

September 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Whether your Lancaster PA business is a small or large, ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help you with our expert janitorial services. Not only will our cleaning services make your workplace shine, but you’ll also have the added benefit of a healthier and more productive workplace. If you’re seeking janitorial services, here are some reasons you can choose us with confidence.


Cleaning is Our Business. Your customers hire your business because they believe you’re the best at what you do. Cleaning is what we do, and our trained technicians are held to a high standard. We capture and remove dirt, grime, dust, bacteria, and more. We focus on keeping your business clean so that you can do your business.


Increases Your Productivity. If you own a business, your goals are set, and your bottom line is essential. You have employees and customers to take care of, new business to generate, and need to make sure that everything is going smoothly. Cleaning bathrooms and break rooms isn’t the most productive use of your time. Leave the janitorial cleaning to us, so you can focus on what brings income in.


Keeps Staffing Costs Low. You could hire an on-site cleaning crew to be on your staff, but after paying for insurance, benefits, and cleaning supplies you won’t come out ahead. Our staff is trained and at the ready to do the janitorial cleaning without you having to worry about staffing issues.

Trained Cleaning Technicians. From high fixtures that need dusting to dirty HVAC vents near the ceiling, our technicians are trained to clean all of these items safely. Don’t risk a costly compensation suit with your employees who are up on ladders trying to clean. We spend time training our janitorial cleaning staff to ensure they are trained in both safety and using the right cleaning techniques.


Contact us at (717) 390-2044 to talk about our janitorial services for your Lancaster, PA business. We’re here to help your business shine!


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