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How Healthcare Cleaning Can Reduce Allergens in Lancaster, PA

April 25th, 2019 · No Comments

In order to aid patients and staff members in managing allergies, consider healthcare cleaning this April in Lancaster, PA. Quality healthcare cleaning not only reduces bacteria and improves the overall appearance of your medical office; it also reduces the potential for allergens to disrupt patient and staff health.

Here are just a few ways to effectively use healthcare cleaning to reduce the threat of allergens during springtime:


Wash Floors and Rugs: Folks track allergens inside your office on the bottom of their shoes. Make sure a quality healthcare cleaner gets those floors, carpets, and rugs thoroughly washed! In certain spaces, cleaners may need to use just a vacuum to remove allergens from carpet fibers; in other spaces, a more serious cleaner may be necessary. Healthcare cleaning professionals know when and how to apply more serious cleaners.


Refresh Indoor Air: Air is also full of potential allergens, so make sure your indoor air is always fresh and clean. During healthcare cleaning, change air filters, dust ventilation systems, and use green cleaning products to improve the overall air quality. Additionally, cleaner indoor air reflects a cleaner healthcare office!


Clean on a Regular Schedule: In addition to these types of healthcare cleaning, also make sure to have a regular cleaning schedule in place. Though floors and air tend to trap many allergens, they may also cause problems if they are accumulating on desktops, computers, tabletops, or bathrooms. A regular healthcare cleaning schedule reduces the risk of allergies, while keeping the office looking fresh!


Hire Healthcare Cleaning Professionals: The best way to guarantee quality healthcare cleaning is investing in professionals. Not all companies, however, are equal. Make sure to hire cleaners that understand the risk of allergens and appreciate your healthcare office’s specific needs.


If you’re ready to invest in quality healthcare cleaning this April in Lancaster, PA, make sure to hire a company that truly cares. Give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call today at (717) 390-2044 and keep your medical office allergy-free all year long!

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Hire a Janitor for Office Divider and Partition Cleaning in Elizabethtown, PA

April 15th, 2019 · No Comments

This year in Elizabethtown, PA, take the time to make sure your entire commercial office space is thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. In addition to regular janitorial cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and dusting, consider less common cleaning, such as the fabrics covering the partitions and office cubicle dividers.

Here’s how to shake up your janitorial cleaning routine and guarantee the office partitions and dividers in your workspace look spotless.


Surface Cleaning: Start with a simple, easy surface cleaning of your fabric dividers and partitions. First, remove any dust or dirt that has settled on the surfaces. Perhaps begin with a duster, vacuum attachment, lint roller, or rag. This will remove the easily accessible grime from the fabric and start the process off right!


Depth Cleaning: For a deeper partition cleaning, mix together warm water and laundry detergent, and gently apply this solution to the office partitions and dividers. A simple wipe-down should do the trick! If you notice that the water looks gray or dirty, swap it out for a fresh mixture, and then begin the process again.


Spot Cleaning: If there are especially troublesome areas on your fabric dividers or partitions, use a more intensive cleaner to dab the areas. For certain areas, a mixture of baking soda or bleach may work best, but always test these in a small, unnoticeable area before applying all over the partition.


Janitorial Cleaning: Feeling unsure about getting those fabric dividers and partitions dusted, cleaned, and spotless? Consider hiring a professional janitorial cleaner this April, and make sure your office looks ready for business, no matter who walks through the door.


The professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County understand how to handle specialty janitorial cleaning services in Elizabethtown, PA, including the care of fabric office dividers and partition cleaning. If you’re ready for a quality janitor’s assistance, give us a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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Carpet Cleaning for All Types of Carpet Fibers in Willow Street, PA

April 11th, 2019 · No Comments

The best way to protect and clean carpets in Willow Street, PA is to know what’s underfoot! Whether worrying about a recent spill, weather-related stains, or considering a general carpet cleaning, make sure to understand the type of carpeting you have within the office first.

Here are just a few types of carpeting that may be in your office!


Polyester Fibers: There’s plenty of good news if your commercial carpets are polyester, especially because these relatively inexpensive carpets are very easy to clean! Polyester is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew and insect damage. Unfortunately, as far as synthetic carpet materials go, polyester is not especially durable and is likely to flatten out or show signs of wear over time.


Nylon or Olefin Fibers: Unlike polyester, nylon and olefin carpets are more resilient. These synthetic fibers are still inexpensive but tend to wear better over a long period of time. Additionally, with these materials, your carpet cleaning needs might not be as dire because both act as stain repellents and are less likely to fade over time. These types of synthetics, however, are more likely to melt or experience heat damage than natural carpeting materials.


Wool or Cotton: If your carpets are not synthetic, they’re likely either wool or cotton. These natural materials often complicate carpet cleaning simply because they absorb stains more readily than synthetic materials. Wool and cotton are also more expensive to install, although they add a wonderful texture to an office space and better regulate indoor temperatures than synthetic materials.


Before trying to clean carpets in the Willow Street, PA area, understand what you’re working with. Carpets are not cleaned or created equally and require different processes depending on their materials.

Uncertain which type of carpet fabric you have within your business? Contact the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County today and allow us to take care of your carpet cleaning this March!

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3 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Can Be Fixed with Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Manchester, PA

March 25th, 2019 · No Comments

The appearance of your commercial carpets reflects significantly on your Manchester, PA, business. From spills to debris being tracked in, your carpets can quickly start looking dingy or unprofessional.

Unfortunately, improper cleaning can do just as much damage to your commercial carpets as dirt and spills.

The commercial carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County have witnessed the effects of improper carpet cleaning and want to help you avoid them. Keep reading to learn the top three carpet cleaning mistakes we see and how to avoid them!


1.  (Improperly) Using a Rented Carpet Cleaning Machine

Rental units are a popular option for DIY carpet cleaning. Can they be effective? Sure. Do they remove some stains? Yes.

However, rental carpet cleaning machines open you up to a lot of mistakes that can leave your carpets looking worse than when you started.

First, you must make sure you add the carpet cleaning solution correctly; or else, you’ll find the solution applied unevenly, making for an uneven appearance.

Second, using a rented carpet cleaning machine can also cause issues with fungus if done improperly. If you leave too much moisture in your carpet and fail to effectively dry it, the moisture can become a breeding ground for fungus, leading to a job that needs a professional to remedy.

Lastly, if the cleaning solution isn’t completely removed from the carpet, it will attract more dirt, making your carpets look dirtier faster.

Why not use professional services right away to avoid these mishaps?


2.  (Improperly) Using Spot Treatment Solution

A spot treatment solution can help rid your carpet of certain stains. It can also have catastrophic results if done improperly.

If you use the wrong spot treatment solution—one that’s too potent for your carpet or uses incompatible materials—you can leave hard to remove marks and burns on your carpet. Instead of removing the stain, it can create a larger one.

Our team of trained carpet cleaning experts will make sure to use a solution specific to your carpet fabric to ensure an immaculate appearance afterward.


3.  Not Utilizing the Help of a Professional

We’re professional carpet cleaners, so it’s natural for us to suggest you use professional carpet cleaning services. But think about it.

When making decisions about your business, there’s little room for error. You don’t have time to clean up after mistakes or do things over and over again, only to not get the results you want. Your business is also an investment you want to take care of the best you can. Hiring professionals who can provide you with the best clean, maintain the integrity of your carpets, and extend their lifespan is just good business sense.

Ready to revive your commercial carpets? Schedule your carpet cleaning services in Manchester, PA, today by calling us at (717) 767-4567.


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Create a Commercial Floor Cleaning Kit This Spring in York, PA

March 14th, 2019 · No Comments

Do you have a plan to make sure that the commercial floors of your York, PA, business look spotless all spring? Whether you have tiled or marble surfaces, carpeting or rugs, there are many approaches to keeping your office neat, starting from what’s underfoot.

Looking to start collecting commercial floor cleaning supplies? Here’s a brief list of items that you’ll need to get started:


Vacuum: Whether cleaning a hard floor or carpeting, a vacuum is a must. Depending on their setting, vacuums can pick up crumbs, dirt, and bacteria from just about every surface. Be certain to make it a regular part of your floor cleaning routine, though. Otherwise, all the dirt and grime will become ground into the floor or embedded in the carpet fibers, which makes them harder to remove.


Brooms/Mops: For hard floor surfaces, brooms and mops are especially important. Brooms catch all the dry dust that collects on the floor, whereas mops remove anything wet, sticky, or muddy. Keep both of these items in your commercial floor cleaning closet, just in case a sudden weather change or spill occurs!


Commercial Products: Typically, commercial floor cleaning products get the job done, and there are so many varieties of cleaners available for you to use! If you have a type of specialty floor type, however, invest in the proper cleaning materials to get them sparkling. Do a little research before attempting to clean specialty floors or contact the company that installed it.


Before you invest in a commercial floor cleaning kit for your company, take a moment to consider hiring a professional cleaner in the York, PA, area. These folks already have all the materials you need, and they know how to handle any type of specialty cleaning.

For all your commercial floor cleaning needs, call the professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County today!

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Handwashing for Healthcare Cleaning in Millersville, PA

March 1st, 2019 · No Comments

Whether you work in a medical office as a doctor, front desk assistant, nurse, or accountant, you are exposed to a wide variety of germs during the cold and flu season in Millersville, PA. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping the germs will keep away, use those hands for some good. Start healthcare cleaning with proper and effective handwashing!


Here are just a few ways to ensure your healthcare cleaning involves regular handwashing to keep germs from spreading throughout every department within your medical facility.


Spreading Illness: The number one reason to regularly wash your hands this season is to halt the spread of illness. Hands regularly touch other parts of the human body such as the nose, mouth, and other hands. That makes it much easier to spread germs, especially during healthcare cleaning! Make sure cleaning professionals and staff members regularly and thoroughly wash up.


Using Soap: Once you make handwashing part of your medical office’s regular healthcare cleaning plan, ensure that every office member is using the right type of soap. Typically, liquid soap paired with warm water works best to effectively remove germs and bacteria from hands. Time to throw out any bar soap still hanging around!


Cleaning Offices: Clean hands make for clean healthcare offices, and vice-versa! Investing in regularly scheduled cleaning for your medical or healthcare office will greatly help to reduce the number of germs circulating throughout the facility. With less bacteria to pick up from stained or germ-covered surfaces, there will be less illness. Hire a quality healthcare cleaning staff today to reduce the overall threat and existence of germs throughout the building.


Ready to start investing in a quality healthcare cleaning in Millersville, PA? Then it’s time to call the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County at (717) 390-2044 and pair regular handwashing with regular healthcare cleaning. Your patients and staff members will thank you!


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How Janitorial Cleaning Helps Different Businesses during the Winter Season in Lititz, PA

February 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Janitors are necessary to the operation of many different businesses in Lititz, PA. Although you might picture a janitor in a school or large office building, think about all the other public and private spaces that need janitorial cleaning, especially throughout the slushy, wet, winter season.


Here are just a few of the businesses and building types that can benefit from janitorial cleaning this season:


Private Offices: If you work in a small law firm, or perhaps a mega-marketing company, janitorial cleaning provides a necessary service to your space. A professional janitor not only sweeps the floors and vacuums the carpets, but he or she also cleans computer equipment, tidies up shared spaces, and makes your company look welcoming to guests!


Commercial Businesses: Shoppers need a fun, clean place to visit during the winter months. Whether operating out of a small store front, or a massive department store, janitorial cleaning ensures your space is always clean and welcoming. Services include bathroom cleaning and restocking as well as taking out the trash! On days that customers flood into the store, you just need to worry about keeping store shelves stocked, not bathroom shelves!


Community Spaces: Around your community, there are many meeting spaces, schools, community centers, and other places that need a regular cleaning. If you’re looking to rent out a hall or restaurant, or adapting a space within an existing building for a public event, make sure the cleanup is covered. A professional janitor handles the minor details, such as cleaning windows, dusting surfaces, and disinfecting light switches before guests arrive!


Janitors provide necessary services to many folks around your community in Lititz, PA. No matter where you work, a regular janitorial cleaning helps your office or commercial space keep glittering.


Ready to invest in a quality janitorial cleaning service? Give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call today at (717) 390-2044 and let us take it from there!



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Keep Keyboards Clean with Commercial Cleaning in Spring Grove, PA

February 11th, 2019 · No Comments

When you think of commercial cleaning in Spring Grove, PA, there are a few visuals that likely come to mind. Perhaps you think of vacuuming, dusting shelves, sanitizing toilet seats, or washing windows. Have you thought about cleaning computer equipment?


As it turns out, commercial computer equipment cleaning is important to consider, especially during the winter cold and flu season. Here are a few reasons to consider commercial cleaning for computers this February.


General Maintenance: Just like any area of the office, computers tend to collect dust and dirt over time. In addition to making the equipment work less effectively, this is also an eye sore around the office. A scheduled commercial cleaning will do wonders for the appearance and functioning of your office space!


Germs and Bacteria: Most importantly, recent studies show that germs and bacteria tend to live on keyboards for an extended time. Scientists recently discovered that keyboards often host more germs and bacteria than a typical office toilet seat! Investing in a thorough commercial cleaning greatly reduces exposure to nasty pathogens!


Health Risks: In addition to removing germs and bacteria, regularly cleaning computer equipment reduces the risk of illness. Staph and E. coli have been discovered on keyboards along with the virus associated with stomach flu. A quality commercial cleaning reduces health risks to employees and overall sick days away from the office.


Keyboards, mouse pads, and screens tend to collect germs and dust over the course of the year. Help keep your employees from catching colds and the flu by calling in the professionals to keep them as safe, healthy, and productive as possible!


For the best and most thorough in specialty computer-related commercial cleaning in Spring Grove, PA, the cleaners at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County are here to help. Give our professionals a call at (717) 767-4567 today and improve the cleanliness, functioning, and appearance of your computer equipment this February!

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Remove Stains from your Commercial Carpets with Commercial Carpet Cleaning in York, PA

February 1st, 2019 · No Comments

The next time you take a coffee break in York, PA, take a moment to check out your office’s commercial carpets. Are there coffee stains marking the floor, leaving unsightly spots between the cubicles and the break room? Or perhaps there are a few marks on the carpeting next to your desk? Coffee keeps your office running, but it also leaves difficult stains in your carpeting. Here are just a few tips for removing those tricky coffee spots from the commercial carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County.


Blot Immediately: Move fast in order to catch a stain before it sets in. If a mug slips or a pot sloshes, immediately work to blot it out with a cloth or paper towel. If the coffee spill is left untreated, it leaves commercial carpeting brown or yellowish in color, and makes both the carpet and your office look dirty.


Cleaning Mixture: A mixture of vinegar, water, and Dawn detergent makes a helpful spritzer for coffee spills. Try spraying the mixture on the coffee stain, drying the stain, and then repeating until the coffee stain vanishes!


Retail Products: If the above cleaning mixture doesn’t work, or if you do not have those materials on hand, try looking for specialty cleaning products at a store. Using a retail product might be the best option, especially if you have specific carpeting needs.


Hire Professionals: Still feeling uncertain about removing coffee stains? The professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County understand how to help with all of your commercial cleaning needs, including tricky coffee stains!


So if you’re ready to get serious about taking care of your office’s carpets in York, PA, give our professional commercial carpet cleaning staff a call today at (717) 767-4567 and allow us to take care of your commercial carpet cleaning this season. Once that carpet looks spotless and welcoming, you’ll be ready to get back to business as usual!

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Keeping Healthcare Facilities Both Clean and Healthy in the Dover, PA, Area

January 28th, 2019 · No Comments

When it comes to healthcare cleaning tips this January in Dover, PA, follow this important guideline: Keep the area clean and keep it healthy! Along with regular cleaning, make sure patients don’t pick up each other’s colds and germs by implementing the following techniques for quality healthcare cleaning:


Mop Safely: Fight off germs with a regular mopping routine. Dual-chamber mopping buckets are especially helpful because they separate clean and dirty water from one another. Additionally, make sure that each time you clean a new patient room, you install a new mop head on the mop. Otherwise, germs from one room might move into a new one, which means illnesses and bacteria may be shared between patients.


Understand Cleaning Solutions: If you’re using cleaning solutions around your healthcare facility, make sure to use them correctly and with the proper tools. For example, certain types of solutions do not interact well with cotton, so make sure you don’t use cotton mopheads with these solutions. Also, check which types of pathogens and germs certain types of solutions are intended to kill so you know which solutions to use where!


Know the Facility Zones: Recognize the four most important zones within a healthcare facility. These include the restrooms, countertops, floors, and high-trafficked areas. When addressing healthcare cleaning in your building, make sure that these zones are cleaned regularly and thoroughly!


This January, keep your healthcare facility both clean and healthy in Dover, PA. By following the preceding techniques, you will keep both staff and patients from catching colds this winter season, and guarantee your facility is sparkling clean.

Looking for a little extra help? The folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County are here to assist with healthcare cleaning. Give our professional cleaners a call today at (717) 767-4567, and make sure your healthcare facility is ready for whoever walks through the front door!

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