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How Janitorial Cleaning Helps Different Businesses during the Winter Season in Lititz, PA

February 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Janitors are necessary to the operation of many different businesses in Lititz, PA. Although you might picture a janitor in a school or large office building, think about all the other public and private spaces that need janitorial cleaning, especially throughout the slushy, wet, winter season.


Here are just a few of the businesses and building types that can benefit from janitorial cleaning this season:


Private Offices: If you work in a small law firm, or perhaps a mega-marketing company, janitorial cleaning provides a necessary service to your space. A professional janitor not only sweeps the floors and vacuums the carpets, but he or she also cleans computer equipment, tidies up shared spaces, and makes your company look welcoming to guests!


Commercial Businesses: Shoppers need a fun, clean place to visit during the winter months. Whether operating out of a small store front, or a massive department store, janitorial cleaning ensures your space is always clean and welcoming. Services include bathroom cleaning and restocking as well as taking out the trash! On days that customers flood into the store, you just need to worry about keeping store shelves stocked, not bathroom shelves!


Community Spaces: Around your community, there are many meeting spaces, schools, community centers, and other places that need a regular cleaning. If you’re looking to rent out a hall or restaurant, or adapting a space within an existing building for a public event, make sure the cleanup is covered. A professional janitor handles the minor details, such as cleaning windows, dusting surfaces, and disinfecting light switches before guests arrive!


Janitors provide necessary services to many folks around your community in Lititz, PA. No matter where you work, a regular janitorial cleaning helps your office or commercial space keep glittering.


Ready to invest in a quality janitorial cleaning service? Give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call today at (717) 390-2044 and let us take it from there!



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Keep Keyboards Clean with Commercial Cleaning in Spring Grove, PA

February 11th, 2019 · No Comments

When you think of commercial cleaning in Spring Grove, PA, there are a few visuals that likely come to mind. Perhaps you think of vacuuming, dusting shelves, sanitizing toilet seats, or washing windows. Have you thought about cleaning computer equipment?


As it turns out, commercial computer equipment cleaning is important to consider, especially during the winter cold and flu season. Here are a few reasons to consider commercial cleaning for computers this February.


General Maintenance: Just like any area of the office, computers tend to collect dust and dirt over time. In addition to making the equipment work less effectively, this is also an eye sore around the office. A scheduled commercial cleaning will do wonders for the appearance and functioning of your office space!


Germs and Bacteria: Most importantly, recent studies show that germs and bacteria tend to live on keyboards for an extended time. Scientists recently discovered that keyboards often host more germs and bacteria than a typical office toilet seat! Investing in a thorough commercial cleaning greatly reduces exposure to nasty pathogens!


Health Risks: In addition to removing germs and bacteria, regularly cleaning computer equipment reduces the risk of illness. Staph and E. coli have been discovered on keyboards along with the virus associated with stomach flu. A quality commercial cleaning reduces health risks to employees and overall sick days away from the office.


Keyboards, mouse pads, and screens tend to collect germs and dust over the course of the year. Help keep your employees from catching colds and the flu by calling in the professionals to keep them as safe, healthy, and productive as possible!


For the best and most thorough in specialty computer-related commercial cleaning in Spring Grove, PA, the cleaners at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County are here to help. Give our professionals a call at (717) 767-4567 today and improve the cleanliness, functioning, and appearance of your computer equipment this February!

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Remove Stains from your Commercial Carpets with Commercial Carpet Cleaning in York, PA

February 1st, 2019 · No Comments

The next time you take a coffee break in York, PA, take a moment to check out your office’s commercial carpets. Are there coffee stains marking the floor, leaving unsightly spots between the cubicles and the break room? Or perhaps there are a few marks on the carpeting next to your desk? Coffee keeps your office running, but it also leaves difficult stains in your carpeting. Here are just a few tips for removing those tricky coffee spots from the commercial carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County.


Blot Immediately: Move fast in order to catch a stain before it sets in. If a mug slips or a pot sloshes, immediately work to blot it out with a cloth or paper towel. If the coffee spill is left untreated, it leaves commercial carpeting brown or yellowish in color, and makes both the carpet and your office look dirty.


Cleaning Mixture: A mixture of vinegar, water, and Dawn detergent makes a helpful spritzer for coffee spills. Try spraying the mixture on the coffee stain, drying the stain, and then repeating until the coffee stain vanishes!


Retail Products: If the above cleaning mixture doesn’t work, or if you do not have those materials on hand, try looking for specialty cleaning products at a store. Using a retail product might be the best option, especially if you have specific carpeting needs.


Hire Professionals: Still feeling uncertain about removing coffee stains? The professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County understand how to help with all of your commercial cleaning needs, including tricky coffee stains!


So if you’re ready to get serious about taking care of your office’s carpets in York, PA, give our professional commercial carpet cleaning staff a call today at (717) 767-4567 and allow us to take care of your commercial carpet cleaning this season. Once that carpet looks spotless and welcoming, you’ll be ready to get back to business as usual!

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Keeping Healthcare Facilities Both Clean and Healthy in the Dover, PA, Area

January 28th, 2019 · No Comments

When it comes to healthcare cleaning tips this January in Dover, PA, follow this important guideline: Keep the area clean and keep it healthy! Along with regular cleaning, make sure patients don’t pick up each other’s colds and germs by implementing the following techniques for quality healthcare cleaning:


Mop Safely: Fight off germs with a regular mopping routine. Dual-chamber mopping buckets are especially helpful because they separate clean and dirty water from one another. Additionally, make sure that each time you clean a new patient room, you install a new mop head on the mop. Otherwise, germs from one room might move into a new one, which means illnesses and bacteria may be shared between patients.


Understand Cleaning Solutions: If you’re using cleaning solutions around your healthcare facility, make sure to use them correctly and with the proper tools. For example, certain types of solutions do not interact well with cotton, so make sure you don’t use cotton mopheads with these solutions. Also, check which types of pathogens and germs certain types of solutions are intended to kill so you know which solutions to use where!


Know the Facility Zones: Recognize the four most important zones within a healthcare facility. These include the restrooms, countertops, floors, and high-trafficked areas. When addressing healthcare cleaning in your building, make sure that these zones are cleaned regularly and thoroughly!


This January, keep your healthcare facility both clean and healthy in Dover, PA. By following the preceding techniques, you will keep both staff and patients from catching colds this winter season, and guarantee your facility is sparkling clean.

Looking for a little extra help? The folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County are here to assist with healthcare cleaning. Give our professional cleaners a call today at (717) 767-4567, and make sure your healthcare facility is ready for whoever walks through the front door!

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Janitorial Services for Mental and Physical Health in Hanover, PA

January 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Although flu season typically makes us think of staying physically healthy in Hanover, PA, what about being mentally healthy? The winter months start to feel long, even just after the start of the New Year.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat negative mental health throughout your commercial workplace, including cleaning your work space. Taking advantage of high-quality janitorial services will not only help physically clean your office, but will also benefit the mental health of your employees in a number of ways:


Make a Good Impression: Let clients and staff members see that your company is professional, clean, and important. Hiring a janitor means hiring someone to sweep floors, wash windows, vacuum carpets, and improve the overall look of your commercial space. Not only will this reduce germs, but it will make folks feel better when they walk through the door.


Reduce Employee Stress: Without a janitor on staff, office cleaning falls to employees. During the cold winter months, when morale is already as low as the temperature outside, do not waste their valuable time and energy taking out the trash. They don’t need additional stress. Instead, hire a professional janitor, and allow your employees to focus on their work!


Show Employees and Customers that They’re Valued: Do you value employees and customers? Then it’s time to show them! Along with making a positive impression on every person who walks through the front door, a clean work space can also show that you value their time and health. Customers do not appreciate navigating around loose papers or scraps to find your office, and employees don’t appreciate catching a cold from unwashed office surfaces. You value your employees and customers, so show them that you care by providing them with a high-quality janitor.

You know that janitorial services improve the physical health of your office, so this January in Hanover, PA, think about the positive impact they also have on your staff’s mental health.

Show employees and customers that you care by investing in high-quality janitorial services today! Give the folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County a call at (717) 767-4567.


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This New Year, Resolve to Commit to Commercial Cleaning in York, PA

January 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

The New Year is a perfect time to start fresh, especially around your commercial office space in York, PA! This January, along with making a few personal resolutions, take a few minutes to set resolutions commercial cleaning around your office too.


Unsure where to get started or how often to clean? Let’s take a look:


Monthly: When cleaning commercial spaces this New Year, resolve to clean certain areas once each month. Some office spaces often go unnoticed, and while one cleaning every 30 days may not seem like a huge commitment, it will improve the overall health and cleanliness of the office. Vacuum fabric surfaces once each month, and also dust off all air vents. It’s important to dust hard-to-reach areas too!


Weekly: Weekly tasks require a little more commitment, but make a big difference when cleaning commercial spaces. Set aside one day each week to clean off hardwood surfaces, such as desks and conference tables, and to empty the staff lounge refrigerator. Challenge co-workers to start labeling food in shared spaces. Once all of those unmarked leftovers are in the garbage, take the trash container outside, and make sure to spot-clean this as needed!


Daily: Although daily commercial cleaning resolutions require the most commitment, they also make the most impact on your daily work life. The “clean-as-you-go” philosophy extends to all the ongoing, smaller tasks around your office space, such as regularly cleaning high trafficked surfaces, door handles, and floors. Also, make sure to clean any messes as soon as they occur, rather than allowing nasty stains to set into the carpet. And be sure to wash your hands often!


What is your commercial cleaning resolution this January in York, PA? If you are uncertain how to begin cleaning commercial office spaces, or need an extra set of hands, let the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County help. We understand how to freshen up your commercial space, so give us a call at (717) 767-4567 today!

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Why Commercial Floor Cleaning is Necessary in your Elizabethtown, PA Office Building

December 26th, 2018 · No Comments

As a business owner in Elizabethtown, PA, you no doubt want your floors to look clean.  You may be wondering if a professional floor cleaning service is the way to go. Is it worth the time and commitment? The answer? A resounding “YES!”, and here’s why commercial floor cleaning is so important for your business.


First Impressions Matter

Which is more impressive; a bright, clean, shiny floor, or one that’s dull and lifeless? Bright and shiny floors look good, project an air of success, and make the room appear bigger and brighter. When you have clients coming through your facility you want them to see that big, bright, shiny room and have an immediate feeling they’ve come to the right company. Commercial floor cleaning can make your first impression a great one.


Cleaner Means Safer

While we all love the aesthetics of a clean and tidy floor, another aspect is something you may not have considered; a clean floor is a safe floor. One of the largest causes of lawsuits in businesses is slip and fall injuries. This can be a huge liability for your company. Over time, dirt, grime, and dust can wear away the surface of the flooring creating pits, divots, and ridges. This can cause an employee or customer to slip and fall and seriously injure themselves, and neither one is a situation you want, especially when it can be prevented with regular commercial floor cleaning. Our trained technicians will thoroughly clean the floors, strip them when necessary, and apply special slip-resistant coatings that help keep everyone safe. This is especially important during the winter months when floors can be dangerously slippery because of tracked-in snow and rain.

A clean work environment is important! The professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County keep many commercial, industrial, kitchens, schools, and healthcare facilities in Elizabethtown, PA clean and safe with their quality floor cleaning services. We’d be happy to work with you to create a floor care cleaning plan that fits your needs and budget. To find out more about how we can serve you with quality commercial floor cleaning, contact us today at (717) 390-2044.

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Outsourcing Your Janitorial Cleaning Services Is a Win for your Willow Street, PA Business

December 10th, 2018 · No Comments

The cleanliness of your business is important and can greatly influence how the health of your business is perceived by your staff and customers. When your business looks dirty and unkempt, people assume things are not going well. Relying on staff to keep things clean is highly unproductive and lacks in comparison to the clean you’ll achieve with a professional janitorial service company like us. ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help keep your Willow Street, PA office maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness with janitorial cleaning.

When you hire us for your janitorial cleaning services, you can expect expertise, professionalism, and exceptional results. We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes look great day-in and day-out. Our patented Capture and Removal Cleaning® system means we’re thoroughly removing the dirt and dust from your office building rather than just spreading it from the surfaces to the flooring. With our carefully chosen cleaning products, techniques, and approach to cleaning the right way the first time, you can expect a higher level of clean compared to what other janitorial services offer.

Regardless of the size of your building or company, we’re committed to helping your building get clean with a customized approach to your specific needs. You’ll benefit from our extensive and ongoing staff training and receive the best quality of janitorial cleaning services available. Outsourcing your janitorial services makes sense for your bottom line because you won’t have to pay multiple companies to take care of all your buildings’ cleaning needs.

Our Janitorial Cleaning Services include:

  • A personalized plan of daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services
  • Carpet care
  • Dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Kitchen and Breakroom cleaning
  • High-touch area sanitizing
  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Hard surface floor cleaning

Stop struggling with keeping your own office clean when there’s work to be done. Contact us today in Willow Street, PA at (717) 390-2044 to find out more about the janitorial cleaning services we can help you with.

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Protecting your Business’ Carpets from Salt in Lancaster, PA with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

November 20th, 2018 · No Comments

During the winter months, carpeting takes a beating with wet soggy snow, slush, and dirt being tracked in. With every step into your Lancaster, PA office, your carpeting is being tamped down, dirtied, and subjected to wear-and-tear. But of all the things that track in on your shoes and boots, the worst offender is road salt. While road salt is great for melting ice on our roads and sidewalks, its alkaline nature wreaks havoc on your commercial carpets. With winter far from over and more and more salt is being tracked onto your carpets, ruining them. That’s where we come in. ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County provides commercial carpet cleaning to help keep your carpeting from being worn down by the effects of road salt.

Technicians Who Understand Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While the salt may seem like nothing more than an annoyance, it can cause serious damage to your carpets and needs to be treated by professional commercial carpet cleaners. Road salt is comprised of different elements including calcium carbonate and sodium chloride. As we mentioned, salt is alkaline, and care must be taken to making sure the right cleaning solutions are used to remove the salt from the carpet fibers. If not cleaned correctly, the salt residue can be ground into the fibers when the carpet becomes damp, causing those nasty white rings to appear again and again. This commonly happens when people attempt to DIY their commercial carpet cleaning with commercial cleaning fluids that are also alkaline. The two compounds don’t mix, and you’ll end up with carpeting that, at best, is not completely cleaned and, at worst, damaged. Our trained commercial carpet cleaning technicians are trained to analyze your commercial carpeting to determine kind of fiber and material it’s made of and the best cleaning methods to keep it clean and staying that way.


We also want to help you prevent salt from damaging your carpets!

To help protect your commercial carpets, we suggest you:

  • Invest in walk-off mats around your doorways to minimize the salt, snow, and dirt that is tracked onto your carpeting
  • Keep doorways and walkways up to your building as free of snow as possible
  • Increase the frequency of your carpet cleaning during the winter months to quickly remove salt, sand, and other debris before they become a serious problem


Don’t wait until it’s too late! We can help you protect your carpeting investment with commercial carpet cleaning services to reduce the effects of road salt on your flooring in Lancaster PA. Contact us at (717) 390-2044 to schedule your appointment today!

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Floor Cleaning for Every Floor in your Millersville, PA Business

November 15th, 2018 · No Comments

If you have people walking across the floors of your Millersville, PA business, you need professional floor cleaning. We service many kinds and sizes of businesses with a broad range of floor cleaning options. Think of us as your one-stop solution for floor cleaning! The professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help your business maintain exceptionally clean, safe, and visually appealing flooring.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning for your business is not a DIY project; you have better things to do! Over-the-counter rental carpet cleaning machines are not well maintained and don’t have a professional using them. They also dispense too much water and cleaning solution that can cause your carpeting to remain damp for days, inciting mold growth. We use only high-quality cleaning solutions that are extracted the right way, leaving your carpet fibers perfectly clean and smelling fresh.

Area Rugs/Walk off Rugs

These rugs are often overlooked but should be professionally cleaned at least annually, more often if your office sees a lot of foot traffic. Our trained cleaning technicians can analyze the type of fibers and dyes used to make these rugs and let you know how often they should be cleaned.

Hard Surface Floors

We clean a multitude of hard flooring including ceramic tile, composition tile, vinyl, marble, and more. With our state-of-the-art equipment and floor cleaning experience, we can make your floors shine. Regular floor cleaning also helps reduce wear and tear and prevents pitting or ruts in the floor that can cause trip and fall accidents for employees or customers.

Find Professional Floor Cleaning Help Today!

For a free quote on any of your floor cleaning needs in Millersville, PA or the surrounding areas, contact us online or call us at (717) 390-2044. We can create a floor care cleaning plan that works for your facility and budget. Don’t trust anything less than a professional floor cleaning technician to keep your commercial flooring looking great!

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