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Office Floor Cleaning this Season

January 31st, 2020 · No Comments

When it comes to office floor cleaning in the Shiloh, PA, area during the month of January, you may feel like you are constantly fighting a losing battle. Snow and sleet does a number on office floors, and can be challenging to prevent or remove.


Fortunately, the experienced staff at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County understands exactly how to care for and clean office floors. Here are just a few services we provide:


Proper Materials: Although office floor cleaning and cleaners may seem like a straightforward process, it’s important to remember the value in purchasing high-quality cleaning materials. For example, our professional staff members invest in effective mops, brooms, and cleaning solutions. Our staff may also suggest purchasing floor mats to catch debris from the bottom of people’s shoes before it can cause a mark!


Routine Care: Additionally, investing in regular, routine office floor cleaning with our staff ensures that your office will be continuously updated and cleaned. With regular cleanings on the January calendar, you won’t have to look at those coffee spots or pen stains every day for a month. Instead, trust that our experienced staff will get rid of these eyesores ASAP!


Specialty Cleaning: Finally, hiring us as your professional office floor cleaner enables you to create your own list of projects for our staff members. Though many of these are standard for our cleaners, we can also provide extra services during busy seasons or before important meetings. Hiring us as your professional cleaning staff means that you can communicate what you need, trust us to complete the job correctly, and then focus on the valuable work you need to get done. Let us sweat the small stuff!


So, rather than guessing and hoping about your office floor cleaning in the Shiloh, PA, area, hire the staff at ServiceMaster instead. Our dedicated, professional staff has years of experience in working with office floor cleaning. Give us a call at (717) 767-4567 today!


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