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What’s Lurking in your Office Carpet in Spring Grove, PA & How Carpet Cleaning can Help!

July 31st, 2018 · No Comments

We all know that first impressions matter, so keeping your carpet clean in your Spring Grove, PA office is essential. But what you might not have considered is how professional carpet cleaning helps keep you and your staff healthier because it removes all sorts of unpleasant smells and objects in your carpeting. Here are just a few of the things that could be lurking in your office carpets!

Food and Drink Spills

 Food and drink often contain proteins that can lead to bacteria growth. That cup of coffee with the splash of cream that sloshes over on the way from the breakroom, a dollop of mayo on a sandwich that plops onto the floor under a desk; all of these organic compounds can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can be smelly and damaging to your carpeting.

Dirt and Dust

Dirt and dust travel in on everyone’s shoes in your building. From the every-day employee to the visitors in your workspace, they are all bringing in small amounts of dust and dirt that not only make your carpeting look dingy, but those little particles are also wearing away at the fiber of the carpeting, necessitating early replacement. Help stave off replacement by removing the dirt and dust with carpet cleaning services.


Let’s just name a few of the pathogens that are in your carpet that you may not even consider. Norovirus, staphylococcus, salmonella, E. coli. All of these can live in the fibers and can be making your staff or customers sick if they come in contact with it. Keeping your carpet clean and dry is the best way to ward off these sickly pathogens.

Outside Chemicals 

Lawn fertilizers, oil from the parking lot, chemical runoffs after rain; all of these can unknowingly be tracked in become ground straight into your carpet fibers.

Bugs and Skin Flakes

All people and insects shed their skin, but we bet you’d rather it not be in your carpet. Microscopic fleas, bugs, and molted skin make the perfect dinner for dust mites. It’s important you keep these debris at bay to help prevent seasonal allergy sufferers and wide-spread sickness in your facility.

Having your Spring Grove, PA carpets professionally cleaned only makes sense for the good of your health, hygiene, and company. For more detailed information on our carpet cleaning services or to get a quote, contact us at (717) 767-4567.

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