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Keeping your Hanover, PA Business Allergen Free This Summer

June 15th, 2015 · No Comments

It’s finally summer here in Hanover, PA and the pollen count is skyrocketing! That means runny noses and sneezes are running amuck, and it’s nothing but bad news for your business. ServiceMaster Clean® is here to not only offer quality commercial cleaning services, but also inform you on a few of the key allergen and illness producers lurking in your workplace.

Shelving & Storage Units Shelter Dust

Dust settles in even the most unexpected places and has some of the worst consequences on your employees health. Table tops, bookshelves, filing cabinets, and storage compartments are just a few of the major culprits allowing dust to wreck havoc in your workplace. Dust is one of the major allergen triggers that leads to workplace asthma, a terrible phenomena that can eventually lead to serious health problems in employees and consumers. In fact, a recent Asthma Statistics study reported that more than 15% of all adult asthma cases are linked to workplace allergen triggers.

Keep your employee’s healthy and happy by ensuring that all dust collecting surfaces and compartments are kept thoroughly clean on a regular basis. ServiceMaster Clean can provide an easy and affordable way to ensure that your surfaces stay irritant free.

Carpets Provide Cover for Allergens

Carpets may seem innocent. No one is getting too close to your flooring, but even the dead skin cells that humans’ shed on a daily basis, paired with any potential pet dander brought in by consumers or commercial animals is enough to cause trouble with workplace allergies. High-traffic areas are crawling with dander and nasal irritants that can cause anyone to flare up if exposed to the air around the carpeting for too long.

A regular vacuum may help on the surface level, but it will only pick up the most recent level of dirt and leave behind a deeply rooted level of dander and grime that builds up over the months. But a deep floor cleaning with a steam machine or industrial powered equipment like those offered with ServiceMaster Clean services will do the trick to remove long-term damage from allergen-harboring carpeting.

Restroom Counters Collect Residue

Although more an issue in women’s restrooms than men’s, make-up powder and fragrance residue can cause breathing and sinus trouble for anyone who comes in contact with them. The high amounts of chemicals found in hairsprays, colognes, and powdered cosmetics can cause some of the worst allergic reactions including, rashes and respiratory issues stemming from even momentary contact.

These dangerous chemical compounds and thick spray residues love to build up on bathroom counters and mirrors. Protect your employees and consumers by keeping your restrooms, mirrors, and faucets constantly cleaned with a non-irritant chemical cleaning product to counter act the daily contact they have with these cosmetics.

Sinks & Ventilation Ducts Support Mold Growth

Mold is not only difficult to spot, but it is difficult to treat, and it is sadly one of the worst possible allergen triggers found in the workplace and home. The most common kind of workplace mold is starchybotrys. It’s described as black and slimy. It flourishes around damp piping and moist areas.

Starchybotrys is the leading asthma causing mold and can be found just about anywhere, from toilets and ceiling tiles to under break-room sinks and wet floor mats. Protect your employees from this nauseating mold overgrowth by keeping good cleaning practices in the workplace.

Pollen, mold, dust, dander; it’s all a part of day-to-day life and it’s all here in Hanover, PA. ServiceMaster Clean offers intense, thorough, commercial and janitorial cleaning services that can help prevent workplace allergy flare ups. Contact ServiceMaster Clean in Hanover, PA to help keep your employees, healthy, happy, and productive as the damp and rainy season of summer comes into full swing.

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