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Keeping Healthcare Facilities Both Clean and Healthy in the Dover, PA, Area

January 28th, 2019 · No Comments

When it comes to healthcare cleaning tips this January in Dover, PA, follow this important guideline: Keep the area clean and keep it healthy! Along with regular cleaning, make sure patients don’t pick up each other’s colds and germs by implementing the following techniques for quality healthcare cleaning:


Mop Safely: Fight off germs with a regular mopping routine. Dual-chamber mopping buckets are especially helpful because they separate clean and dirty water from one another. Additionally, make sure that each time you clean a new patient room, you install a new mop head on the mop. Otherwise, germs from one room might move into a new one, which means illnesses and bacteria may be shared between patients.


Understand Cleaning Solutions: If you’re using cleaning solutions around your healthcare facility, make sure to use them correctly and with the proper tools. For example, certain types of solutions do not interact well with cotton, so make sure you don’t use cotton mopheads with these solutions. Also, check which types of pathogens and germs certain types of solutions are intended to kill so you know which solutions to use where!


Know the Facility Zones: Recognize the four most important zones within a healthcare facility. These include the restrooms, countertops, floors, and high-trafficked areas. When addressing healthcare cleaning in your building, make sure that these zones are cleaned regularly and thoroughly!


This January, keep your healthcare facility both clean and healthy in Dover, PA. By following the preceding techniques, you will keep both staff and patients from catching colds this winter season, and guarantee your facility is sparkling clean.

Looking for a little extra help? The folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County are here to assist with healthcare cleaning. Give our professional cleaners a call today at (717) 767-4567, and make sure your healthcare facility is ready for whoever walks through the front door!

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