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Care for Food to Help Keep Commercial Offices Clean in the Lancaster, PA, Area

June 14th, 2019 · No Comments

Summer months mean summer menus in the Lancaster, PA, area! Whether you’re trying to eat healthier by including more greens in your diet or are excited that the warm weather inspires ice cream shops to open, there are a lot of reasons to associate food with summer.

If you’re looking to keep your commercial office clean, however, these menu shifts may cause a few issues during work hours. Here’s how to keep a clean working and eating environment throughout the warmest months of the year.

Designate Eating Areas: When working on an intense project, completing a deadline, or communicating with a client, eating lunch at your desk may seem like the best option. But if you’re hoping to keep your commercial space clean all week long, opt to eat in designated areas such as the break room. Leaving crumbs or wrappers around the office may attract bugs or even rodents!

Dispose of Perishables: Office refrigerators oftentimes become a catch-all for unwanted food items, and if any of these are perishable, they could become a problem. Create a rotating volunteer chart of folks who will go through the refrigerator each week to make sure to remove any perishable items on counters or desktops too!

Defer Food Disasters: Maybe you booked flight tickets for Italy this June, or maybe your family plans a regular road trip at the start of the summertime. Either way, make sure to clean up your commercial space before leaving for an extended vacation! In addition to leaving spaces free of clutter and reachable for commercial cleaning staff, you’ll also be sure to toss out that half-eaten candy bar or bag of jelly beans in your space!

Although you trust your commercial cleaning to an experienced staff in the Lancaster PA, area, such as the folks at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County, caring for food on a daily basis supports the excellent work we already provide. Keep your commercial office clean this summer by keeping an eye on the food eaten in it!

For commercial cleaning services or additional ideas, give our staff members a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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