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Three Ways Your Janitor Saves You Money in the Millersville, PA, Area

September 4th, 2019 · No Comments

If you’re looking into budgetary concerns this September in the Millersville, PA, area, it’s important to know how certain areas of your business are either making or saving you money. While this may be obvious in certain areas of your company, in other areas, it may be a little more difficult to see.


One of these budget lines is janitorial cleaning because, when done correctly, consistent and quality cleaning services often go unnoticed. Here are just a few ways that janitorial services save you money in the long run:


Satisfied Staff and Customers: A janitor-cleaned office space allows your business to continue running smoothly. Whether hiring new staff members or meeting with potential clients, showcasing a clean, welcoming space is important to making a first impression, and in sustaining a long-term relationship.


Increased Worktime: Are staff members spending time working on project reports or replacing paper towels in the bathroom? Rather than allowing minor cleaning tasks to fall on staff members, bring in a professional, janitorial cleaner to get the job done correctly and without interfering with staff worktime or billable hours!


Decreased Liability: Commercial businesses already have plenty to think about, from scheduling to marketing to relationship building to content creation. Rather than including multiple, physical safety concerns for staff and customers to that to-do list, allow a professional janitorial cleaning staff member to help. Our staff will ensure the safety of your space, which saves you money in the long run!


As you consider your company’s budget this September in the Millersville, PA, area, make sure to understand the value of your janitorial cleaning services. Although this work often goes unseen, janitors save your organization money through creating welcoming spaces, increasing employees’ worktime, and decreasing office liabilities.


So, for all your janitorial cleaning needs in the Millersville, PA, area, give the team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County a call today!

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