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How to Find a Good Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in York, PA

February 16th, 2015 · No Comments

The carpets in your place of business are a significant investment both monetarily and in terms of the overall image you present to your customers. It’s easy for carpeting to be forgotten or neglected, and when you do finally get around to cleaning it, you may be causing more harm than good. The goal of professional carpet cleaning is to implement a maintenance program that can dramatically extend the life of your carpets and preserve their colorful, healthy appearance. Many people don’t know what to look for in their carpet cleaning program when they hire a cleaning company. Here are the recommendations from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

According to the CRI, a commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program should be designed and instituted immediately after installation. While there are many different types of cleaning systems used, it is important that your company creates a plan that considers the following:

  • The experience and training of cleaning professionals
  • Industry approved and certified equipment
  • Knowledge of carpet traffic patterns
  • Any environmental predispositions
  • Carpet location
  • Cleaning budget
  • Overall carpet use

The CRI has laid out 3 levels of carpet cleaning that should be included in your carpet maintenance program:

  1. Routine Cleaning
  2. Interim Maintenance System Cleaning
  3. Deep Cleaning

Routine Cleaning
Routine cleaning is performed daily or weekly and includes regular vacuuming and timely spot cleaning. The goal of routine cleaning is to prevent soil from building up in your carpets that can impact the carpet’s appearance and use-life. Vacuuming of high traffic areas such as waiting areas, elevators, hallways, and entryways should be completed on a daily basis to reduce the effects of dry soils. Areas that are less frequently used, such as private offices and meeting rooms, should be vacuumed two-three times per week. Lastly, any time there is a spill or spot, these areas should be cleaned immediately using proper spotting products and procedures.

Interim Maintenance System Cleaning
Interim maintenance system cleaning is meant to postpone or limit the need for deep cleaning. The frequency of this level of carpet cleaning depends largely on the following:

  • Carpet location
  • Amount of traffic
  • Exposure to soiling
  • Size of facility
  • Carpet color
  • Type of soil buildup
  • Effectiveness of routine cleaning efforts.

Interim maintenance system cleaning utilizes systems and products aimed to maintain a uniform appearance of the carpets. These systems go a step beyond the top-level fibers that are cleaned during regular vacuuming, yet they do not provide as in-depth coverage as deep cleaning systems.

Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning, or deep carpet floor covering cleaning, uses systems that extract accumulated soils at a higher intensity than routine or interim maintenance cleaning. Deep cleaning methods maximize the removal of embedded soils to get your carpet back to a bright, colorful appearance. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on the effectiveness of routine maintenance cleaning. While routine cleaning may be greatly effective, it’s a good idea to get your commercial carpets deep cleaned 1-2 times per year to ensure the lifespan of the carpeting.

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, be sure that you understand what is included in your carpet cleaning and maintenance program. Protect your investment, and choose a company like ServiceMaster Commercial Services that is industry-certified to provide the highest level of service and cleaning for your commercial carpets. ServiceMaster Commercial Services provides carpet cleaning in York and Lancaster, PA, as well as Ephrata, Lititz, and other surrounding communities.

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