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Avoiding and Removing Hospital Germs

December 20th, 2019 · No Comments

This December in the Manchester, PA, you might find yourself in the hospital for many reasons. Whether receiving treatment for a cold or attending to a routine check-up, make sure you leave the hospital healthier than when you arrived!


Hospital germs are a serious business and easily spread from one patient to another. Here are the best ways to avoid those hospital germs during this time of year:


  • Handwashing: Folks in hospitals often walk around carrying a lot of germs and bacteria, even just on their clothing. That means it’s especially important to take care of yourself by regularly washing your hands and removing all those excess hospital germs. Otherwise, you may catch one cold while trying to get rid of another one!
  • Entertaining: Although it’s hard to keep a sick child occupied in the waiting room and tempting to reach for that bin of toys in the corner, hospital germs often collect on waiting room toys. Instead, bring along a few toys from home so you can keep your child entertained while avoiding germs at the same time.
  • Visiting: If you plan to visit someone in the hospital during the month of December, make sure to bring a gift that best supports their well-being. Hospital germs can collect inside flower vases, between the soil and the water, so it might be best to opt for balloons or fake flowers instead!


During the month of December in the Manchester, PA, area, make sure that you keep hospital germs away. It’s important to keep patients and staff members safe and protected from hospital germs throughout the winter months.


That’s why it’s also important to invest in a healthcare cleaning company that cares about the well-being of your patients and staff. Call (717) 767-4567 for the team at ServiceMaster Building Services of York County today and allow us to help keep your hospital sparkling clean this season!

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