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Healthcare Cleaning Helps by Reducing Spread of Infection in Shiloh, PA

July 12th, 2018 · No Comments

We think of healthcare facilities as a place to come to get well, but in any given facility, there can be a risk of coming in contact with infection. We know that many people come to a healthcare setting already carrying an infection, but there’s the other risk; coming in contact with an area that has been cross-contaminated. ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County knows there are no shortcuts when it comes to professional healthcare cleaning as lives can depend on it.


When people come to a healthcare facility they expect a high level of care and cleanliness. That’s why we approach cleaning healthcare facilities with the right tools and knowledge to clean and sanitize them. There are two ways that patients can be directly and indirectly exposed to infections in healthcare facilities in Shiloh, PA.


Direct Exposure

Although great precautions are taken to avoid contamination by direct touch, there’s still a risk. One of the most common scenarios is that infected healthcare workers can be infecting patients by transmitting the microorganisms through touch or passing them via airborne emissions. Healthcare facilities must be vigilant in enforcing a strict protocol of hygienic practices such as:

  • Proper hand washing
  • Use of gloves and masks
  • Proper disposal of medical items
  • Adhering to the standards set by OSHA


Indirect Exposure

Great care is generally taken to make sure patients who have infections don’t come into contact with each other. However, if a patient checks into a room that hasn’t been appropriately cleaned and sanitized, there’s the risk of them being contaminated by touching surfaces in the room. That can spell disaster for a patient with an already weakened immune system. When there’s a strict healthcare cleaning protocol in place, this is much less likely to happen. Indirect exposure can also happen if medical staff is exposed to bacteria and become carriers, passing it on to already sickened patients.


While your healthcare staff in Shiloh, PA takes care of your patients, let us take care of cleaning your healthcare facility. We have the right technicians, tools, and training to clean and sanitize to reduce the risk of contamination to your patients. Contact us at (717) 767-4565 to speak to us about a healthcare cleaning plan for your facility.

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