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Healthcare Cleaning in Manchester, PA Must Meet the High Standards of the Joint Commission

There’s probably no building where cleanliness matters more than a healthcare facility. In fact, for many sick people in Manchester, PA, a clean healthcare building can be the difference between life and death. ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County provides professional healthcare cleaning services for large hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical facilities.

Being accredited by the Joint Commission is part of the process for hospitals to make sure they’re holding an excellent record of cleanliness and following best practices. They need to keep their patients safe from germs, pathogens, and bacteria that could compromise their health. Waiting rooms, exam rooms, patient rooms, and surgical rooms must be kept to a strict standard of clean to avoid cross-contamination. Low scores on the Joint Commission report, which are viewed as unfavorable, can impact the funding offered by Medicare and Medicare, which can affect the facility’s bottom line.

This practice is known as “environment of care” because healthcare cleaning should be held to a higher quality of clean than an office building. With many sick and immune-compromised people coming through the doors of a hospital, it’s critical that they’re entering a place that is safe.

ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County offers complete healthcare cleaning services with trained technicians who are adept at capture and removal of germs, dirt, and bacteria. We can provide cleaning such as:

  • Dusting flat surfaces and high, out-of-the-way areas
  • HVAC cleaning and sanitizing
  • High-touch sanitization
  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Hard surface floor cleaning
  • PPE (personal protective equipment) cleaning such as goggles
  • Waiting room cleaning and sanitizing
  • Kitchen and cafeteria cleaning

Our professional healthcare cleaning teams have been trained in the specific needs of healthcare facilities and follow all the operational cleaning protocols of CDC, JCAHO, and HIPAA regulatory standards. Having a clean facility means a reduction in volatile organic compounds, airborne pathogens and germs, and bacteria.

To find out more about the healthcare cleaning services we offer in Manchester, PA, contact us at (717) 767-4567 today.