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Prevent Falls with Healthcare Cleaning this Autumn

October 11th, 2019 · No Comments

Although thinking about fall might inspire ideas about pumpkins, warm colors, and cozy sweaters in the Hanover, Pennsylvania area, the word “fall” has a very different meaning within healthcare facilities.


Falls are detrimental to patient health and often cause new injuries or aggravate preexisting health conditions. If you’re concerned about keeping your healthcare facility safe this season, here are a few cleaning tips to encourage safety and prevent patient falls this autumn:


  • Clear Clutter: The best way to prevent patient falls is by incorporating clutter removal into your healthcare cleaning routine. If there’s garbage on the floor or too many decorations infringing on patient walkways, take the time to clean these up. As a result, patients will have ample, safe space to walk.
  • Correct Lighting: Before starting the healthcare cleaning process within your facility, make sure that the space is well lit. Otherwise, it will be impossible to see which areas of the office need special attention or which patient rooms need a little extra care. As part of your healthcare cleaning routine, make certain that you have adequate lighting, from entryways to private offices!
  • Establish Routines: In addition to proper lighting and clearing away clutter, establish a healthcare cleaning routine for your office. With this ritual in place floors will remain clear of slippery grime and debris. Your patients will remain safe, and your healthcare facility will look welcoming to whoever walks in the door!


Healthcare cleaning is an important part of preventing patient injuries or falls this autumn in the Hanover, PA area. Take the time to research appropriate cleaning techniques, and invest in a company who understands exactly what your patients need.


The team at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County is here to support your healthcare facility. Give our team a call at (717) 767-4567 today and allow us to take care of all your healthcare cleaning needs!


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