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Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Lancaster, PA and Common Misconceptions About Maintenance of Concrete Floors

November 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

You may feel that the hard surface floors in your Lancaster, PA office or warehouse do not require regular maintenance. The contrary is the truth however; it is necessary to invest in hard surface floor cleaning to keep them in their best condition.

 Top Misconceptions Related to the Maintenance of Concrete Floors

Useful insights have been provided by the IICRC regarding misconceptions people have about the cleaning and maintenance of hard surface floors such as concrete:

 Misconception #1: Chemicals are not required for maintaining concrete floors.

Fact: All hard flooring surfaces, including concrete, require proper cleaning.

The function of chemicals is to break down as well as remove debris and dirt. Concrete floors face similar dirt problems as any other type of flooring and need to be cleaned in comparable fashion.

 Misconception #2: Each and every concrete flooring surface is the same.

Fact: In reality, concrete floors can be either polished or coated, and the cleaning and maintenance of both is different. For a coated concrete surface, the main aim is to maintain the coating. For polished concrete, however, the cleaning and maintenance involves use of abrasives.

 Misconception #3: Concrete floors will not experience any problems if maintenance and cleaning is not done.

Fact: The longevity of coated concrete floors is very much dependent on how well the floor is being maintained. When mechanical polishing is performed, the longevity will depend on the method used. Proper polishing along with abrasive bonding will mean that your concrete floor will have a lower maintenance requirement.

 Misconception #4: The kind of soil or how it is laid on the surface of the concrete flooring has no bearing on the way the floor is cleaned.

Fact: Concrete floors are very much like other types of hard surface floors. The kind of soil and the amount are the main factors for determining the type of process used and the frequency of cleaning.

Why hire professional hard surface floor cleaners?

Some of the main advantages of using the services of trained and certified cleaners include:

  • Trained professionals can easily identify problems so that those problems can be fixed. They have the required experience to correctly identify flooring material. This is important since even subtle flooring differences normally require the use of different solutions.
  • Certified technicians undergo extensive training which helps them in properly judging ambient moisture levels as well as climatic conditions. Since these conditions can alter the performance or integrity of flooring material, a cleaning program is created by taking these facts into consideration.

If you are looking for an experienced company in Lancaster, PA to perform hard surface floor cleaning for your office or warehouse complex, then you need to get in touch with us! At ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County, we have the required expertise to properly identify the type of flooring and create a maintenance plan accordingly. All you have to do is give us a call at 717.390.2044 and let us do the rest!

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