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Hard Surface Floor Cleaning and Significance of Hiring Right Service Provider in Lititz, PA

August 1st, 2015 · No Comments

It doesn’t take long before grime and dirt starts to accumulate on hard surface flooring as well as in grout. The benefit of regular hard surface floor cleaning is that it helps in controlling wear and tear, reduces damages, and minimizes the need for costly floor replacement and repairs.
According to IICRC, soiling tends to occur progressively over hard surface flooring and can result in erosion. This requires the services of professional cleaners in Lititz, PA on a regular basis to keep your hard surface flooring in good condition.

Different Types of Hard Floor Treatments

a) Scrub and Recoat: In this method the damaged top layer of floor finish is removed in addition to the scratches, scrapes, and stains it has sustained. This helps in getting a clean surface over which new finish is added for restoring the protective top coating.
b) Strip and Refinish: It is quite similar to the other method except the finish is totally removed to expose the base flooring and is then cleaned. After that multiple coats of finish are applied.

Why it is necessary to use the services of a certified cleaner?
Different methods such as burnishing, scrub and recoat, strip and refinish, or scrub and recover require expertise. Improper finishing can lead to more damage:

  • If finished layers are not added correctly or quickly, it will leave behind a gummy residue which attracts more dirt and leaves the floor looking dull and dingy.
  • Uneven or cheap finish, or addition of less number of layers, will quickly wear down and leave the surface of the floor exposed.

Professional cleaners make use of advanced cleaning products and equipment to get rid of ground-in dirt and scuff marks. They are also aware of the right products, tools, and equipment to use so that flooring can be maintained properly with required slip resistance.

Common Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Some of the common services of hard surface floor cleaning:

 Cleaning and polishing of stone surfaces
 Cleaning and polishing of hardwood floors
 Stripping of vinyl tile and waxing
 Ceramic tile as well as grout cleaning and then sealing

ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County has the necessary certification, experience, as well as industry accreditation to perform any hard surface floor cleaning task in Lititz, PA whether it involves hardwood, vinyl, quarry, tile, or any other type of surface.

You can give us a call at 717.767.4567 or send an email. We will immediately visit your home or office to analyze the condition your hard surface flooring and create a customized cleaning plan which best suits your requirements.

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