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Handwashing for Healthcare Cleaning in Millersville, PA

March 1st, 2019 · No Comments

Whether you work in a medical office as a doctor, front desk assistant, nurse, or accountant, you are exposed to a wide variety of germs during the cold and flu season in Millersville, PA. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping the germs will keep away, use those hands for some good. Start healthcare cleaning with proper and effective handwashing!


Here are just a few ways to ensure your healthcare cleaning involves regular handwashing to keep germs from spreading throughout every department within your medical facility.


Spreading Illness: The number one reason to regularly wash your hands this season is to halt the spread of illness. Hands regularly touch other parts of the human body such as the nose, mouth, and other hands. That makes it much easier to spread germs, especially during healthcare cleaning! Make sure cleaning professionals and staff members regularly and thoroughly wash up.


Using Soap: Once you make handwashing part of your medical office’s regular healthcare cleaning plan, ensure that every office member is using the right type of soap. Typically, liquid soap paired with warm water works best to effectively remove germs and bacteria from hands. Time to throw out any bar soap still hanging around!


Cleaning Offices: Clean hands make for clean healthcare offices, and vice-versa! Investing in regularly scheduled cleaning for your medical or healthcare office will greatly help to reduce the number of germs circulating throughout the facility. With less bacteria to pick up from stained or germ-covered surfaces, there will be less illness. Hire a quality healthcare cleaning staff today to reduce the overall threat and existence of germs throughout the building.


Ready to start investing in a quality healthcare cleaning in Millersville, PA? Then it’s time to call the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County at (717) 390-2044 and pair regular handwashing with regular healthcare cleaning. Your patients and staff members will thank you!


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