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Prepare for Flu Season with Hospital Cleaning

January 21st, 2020 · No Comments

Now that January is here in the Dover, PA, area, flu season is in full swing! As patients pass through the hospital doors, interact with staff members, and leave germs behind, make sure that your space is prepared and make time for valuable hospital cleaning techniques!


Here are just a few reasons why investing in hospital cleaning techniques is valuable this January:


Staff Health: Staff members interact with sick patients every day. While not every one of these patients has the flu, enough have passed through the doors that germs abound, especially for staff members to catch. Rather than allowing flu germs to continue thriving in staff lounges, or on doorknobs and staff technological equipment, invest in a company that has experience cleaning these areas for hospital staff.


Patient Health: Patients are also at risk for catching the flu virus from hospitals, especially if their immune systems are already compromised. Make certain that your cleaning company understands the importance and value in maintaining patient health! While staff members often catch germs behind the scenes, patients are more likely to pick up bacteria from public spaces, such as foyers, waiting rooms, or other high-occupancy areas. Take steps to contain these germs, and hire a company that knows how to get rid of them!


General Health: In addition to removing germs and bacteria, regular and effective hospital cleaning also supports general health for all people who pass through the door, even if they already have the flu. Although catching a flu germ doesn’t feel great, it feels even worse if harmful irritants are left in the air or overlooked by cleaning staff. Regular cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting will ensure that your patients and staff members have the best experience possible, even if they’re feeling under the weather.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact the staff members at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County for your hospital cleaning needs in the Dover, PA, area today!

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