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Fight Sticky Floors this Season with Floor Cleaning in Hanover, PA

If sticky floors are an issue in your commercial space in Hanover, PA, it’s time to get serious about figuring out their cause. This April, stop struggling to walk across sticky floors and take the time to get them truly clean!


There are many causes of sticky floors, including the following:


General Use: If the weather has been especially muddy this month, or if customers and staff members have tracked in gum, sap, or other goo on the bottom of their shoes, all of that ends up on the floor. Over time, all floors are likely to accumulate a little excess dirt, grime, and goo. Just make sure to incorporate effective routine floor cleaning into your commercial office’s schedule!


Excessive Use of Cleaning Solutions: If there are inexperienced workers or employees tasked with cleaning your commercial office’s hard surface flooring, they may use too much cleaning solution. As a result, there will be a sticky film across the top of your floor following each cleaning. If you notice this around your office, it’s time to start looking for more experienced, professional floor cleaners!


Inappropriate or Ineffective Cleaning Solutions: Another cause of sticky floors can come from inappropriate or ineffective cleaning solutions. Make certain that your cleaning products are properly matched with the type of flooring within your office. An experienced floor cleaning company will understand exactly which type of solution to use and can correctly switch cleaners if sticky floors become an issue.


Noticing a sticky residue or build-up on your commercial floors this spring in Hanover, PA? That means it’s time to invest in a floor cleaning company that understands exactly how to properly clean floors of any type. Contact the floor cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County today at (717) 767-4567 and get the office looking and feeling clean and fresh this season!