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How Clean Is Your Doctor’s Office Really? Doctor’s Office Cleaning in the Shiloh, PA, Area

August 6th, 2019 · No Comments

If you work in the medical profession or simply use medical services within the Shiloh, PA, area, you understand the value of making sure the doctor’s office is always clean. From the moment patients walk through your door to visit a medical staff member, attend an appointment, or schedule a surgery, it’s important that they feel supported and safe.


Does your doctor’s office cleaning provide support and safety for each patient? Here are a few ways to ensure each patient has the best possible experience:


Follow Consistent Standards: Every doctor’s office cleaning follows a specific set of rules, outlined by both the individual medical facility and federal cleaning guidelines. Make sure that your cleaning techniques are consistently updated and include required materials such as rubber gloves, disposable products, and mild chemical cleaners. Additionally, make certain your cleaning staff is trained properly!

Minimize Germs and Bacteria: Doctor’s office cleaning must remove germs and bacteria from every surface within the medical facility. That includes wiping down door handles, disinfecting patient waiting rooms, and mopping exam rooms regularly. If patients see a dust bunny gathered in the corner of their room while awaiting an exam, they may experience increased stress and discomfort, and feel hesitant about returning to your medical facility.


Clean Restrooms: Although germs and bacteria must be removed from every area of your doctor’s office during cleaning, make sure that the restrooms receive special, regular attention. That means routinely washing down all hard surfaces, and replacing products such as paper towels and toilet paper. When patients need a moment to collect themselves before an appointment or need to provide a specimen for your staff, make certain the bathroom is clean and prepared!


Does your doctor’s office cleaning in the Shiloh, PA, area meet all the standards previously listed? If not, then it’s time to call in the professional cleaning staff at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County. We know exactly how to get your doctor’s office clean, and keep it that way, so give us a call today at (717) 767-4567!


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