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Keep All Your Floors Looking Great with Commercial Floor Cleaning in Shiloh, PA

January is a difficult time of year for most businesses in Shiloh, PA. Although the furnace is warding off the winter cold, dirt, snow, salt, sand, and more are getting tracked in and making your hard surface floors look dingy and turning them into a slipping hazard. The commercial floor cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County are here to help keep all of the floor types in your business safe and looking great.


Commercial floor cleaning is an important part of your business’ winter weather cleaning, especially for tile or other hard surfaces underfoot. Rather than allowing dirt and debris to tarnish your floors this winter, take the time to correctly care for your commercial floors this month. Let’s look:


Have Supplies Handy: Although hard surface floors provide a clean, natural look to your business, they require supplies to maintain them in the day-to-day. Have a quality broom and dustpan available, because hard flooring must be swept often. Additionally, invest in entryway rugs and mats to help catch debris being tracked in from the outside.


Watch for Water: You don’t want to allow water to collect on hard flooring surfaces. Though most floors do well with the occasional wipe-down, allowing water to collect on hard flooring may stain the floors, cause damage, or present a slip and fall hazard. For your commercial floor cleaning, keep a mop and safety signs nearby!


Individualize Cleaning: Different types of hard flooring require different types of cleaning. For example, some floors require polish, whereas others require specialty cleaning for grout or other flooring elements. For your office’s floor cleaning, make sure you understand exactly what kind of specialty cleaning your flooring requires.


Hire Professionals: Hire professional cleaners to juggle the needs of your commercial floor cleaning this winter. A professional touch will take the guesswork out of your cleaning process, leave you with more time for important things, keep your business safe, and guarantee a fresh looking floor all winter long!


The professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County have the tools and expertise to clean a variety of hard surface floors correctly and efficiently in Shiloh, PA, no matter the time of year. For all your specialty commercial floor cleaning needs, whether it be cement or tile, granite, or marble, give our professionals a call at (717) 767-4567 today!