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Commercial Floor Cleaning Protects Your Investment in Elizabethtown, PA

June 11th, 2018 · No Comments

In a commercial building, the investment in carpeting or flooring can be hefty. Commercial grade carpeting can run anywhere from $5 to 6 a square foot, and commercial grade tile can be $6 to 7. If your business has high-quality granite or other specialty flooring, you can be looking at replacement costs that are over $10 per square foot. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your commercial flooring investment for as long as possible before you must replace it? ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help you protect your commercial flooring investment with floor cleaning services in Elizabethtown, PA.

Let us help you make sure your commercial flooring looks great and is ready to greet customers and employees. ServiceMaster Building Services cleans all types of flooring and we can customize a cleaning schedule for your needs and the needs of your flooring. We provide quality commercial floor cleaning for:

  • Wood flooring
  • Vinyl or vinyl composite flooring
  • Synthetic fiber carpets
  • Natural/wool carpets
  • Marble, quarry, or tile


Keeping your floors clean is only one part of the process of commercial floor cleaning. A regular maintenance schedule also means that your floors will be safer for your employees and customers. When flooring experiences continuous foot traffic, dirt, dust, and debris begin to make microscopic scratches on the surface of the flooring. Over time these small scratches will make your flooring look dirty and drab and can make the floor more conducive to slip and fall accidents.


Carpeting in a commercial building that’s not kept clean with commercial floor cleaning will show its age quickly! The fibers get tamped down, dirt makes the carpeting look dingy and flat, a dusty, moldy smell can arise, and you don’t even want to think about the germs, insects, and other debris lurking in the fibers.


Let us help you maintain the best professional appearance in your Elizabethtown, PA commercial building. We utilize the most current cleaning methods along with state-of-the-art machines to get the job done right. Our trained technicians will make sure the dirt, debris, and allergens are captured and removed from your flooring and leave you with a sparkling clean facility.

Don’t put off floor cleaning in your commercial building. Contact us for a personalized commercial floor cleaning plan at (717) 390-2044 today!

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