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Commercial Deep Cleaning this September in the Lititz, PA, Area

August 27th, 2019 · No Comments

Commercial deep cleaning is a serious business, especially as your business prepares for fall weather in Lititz, PA. Although the sun is still shining brightly in September, and the temperatures are high, we know that autumnal weather shift is just around the corner.


So, take this time to prepare with commercial deep cleaning. Here are just a few tips and techniques to use around your office space:


Fan and Vent Clean: While you may think about dusting other areas of the office, such as flat surfaces and countertops, fan blades and air vents are often overlooked. Take this time to deeply dust between bars of the vent, or use a pillowcase to trap dust from fan blades. Otherwise, that dust may end up circulating around the entire office!


Kitchen and Break Room Clean: If you appreciate relaxing in the break room or grabbing a quick bite to eat in your office kitchen, make sure to consider these areas during commercial deep cleaning. Specific areas don’t always need our attention, such as sink traps or stove tops, but they should be included in a full-office cleanse.


Floor Clean: Within an office space, you may have multiple types of flooring, which require specific commercial deep cleaning techniques. For example, carpeting should not be deep cleaned in the same manner as ceramic tile or concrete flooring. Do a bit of research before starting the deep cleaning process, and take some time to vacuum, dust, wax, disinfect, or de-scuff those floors!


Commercial deep cleaning requires a lot of time, patience, and knowledge. So, rather than trying to figure it out on your own, hire a professional team in Lititz, PA, that understands exactly what your office needs. Contact the team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County today, and get your office deep cleaned before fall arrives!

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