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Commercial Cleaning Improves the Indoor Air Quality of Your Hanover, PA, Business

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Temperatures are starting to heat up in Hanover, PA, and with that comes allergy season. You might be surprised to find out that indoor air quality is a significant factor in the fight against allergies in your commercial building. The average full-time American worker spends over 80% of their weekly time inside your building. When you think about that, you realize how critical it is to keep your workplace as clean as possible to reduce allergens that can keep your workforce sick or producing poor work because they’re suffering.


Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air because of aging or poorly maintained air ventilation systems and dirty indoor carpets and surfaces. The importance of good indoor air quality can’t be understated. Poor air quality can trigger asthma, allergies, and sinus conditions. Think about it; most workplaces have mandated a smoke-free workplace to cut down on the toxins of second-hand smoke, so doesn’t it make sense to have professional commercial cleaning services to reduce the other toxins and allergens?  ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County can help you with your commercial cleaning to help reduce toxins in your building.


We use HEPA filter vacuums which are proven to collect 95% of the dust in the carpeting in your building. We also use microfiber cleaning cloths and mops because the static charge in microfiber collects dust and traps particles rather than just dispersing them into the air to land elsewhere. Our structured commercial cleaning system means that all areas of your building will be cleaned thoroughly and with the proper frequency. We completely tailor each building to the cleaning schedule that works for you and the traffic flow in the building.

From taking out the trash to cleaning the breakroom, to spotlessly cleaning surfaces, ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County provides full-service commercial janitorial cleaning program in Hanover, PA. Let us put our commercial cleaning expertise to work for you so your workers can work hard for you in a cleaner environment. Call us today at (717) 767-4567 to schedule a free, no-obligation quote for superior commercial cleaning.

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