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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Considerations in the Spring Grove, PA Area

August 20th, 2019 · No Comments

When it comes to preparing your commercial space for carpet cleaning this August in the Spring Grove, PA, area, there are a few important steps to consider before the cleaner walks through the door, vacuum in hand!


If your office has carpeting and needs a little extra care this summertime, here are just a few tips, tricks, and ideas to consider before the professional commercial carpet cleaners from ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County arrive:


  • Communicate Concerns: Are there certain areas of your commercial carpeting that need extra care? Perhaps a recent spill in the foyer or a nasty stain in the break area? Take the time to evaluate these specific problems and then directly address them with the professional cleaning staff when they arrive. Our experienced staff will know exactly how to handle even the trickiest stains!
  • Clear Clutter: Before your carpet cleaning staff arrives, give your staff members time to clear up personal clutter! For example, if there are small lamps or tables on your carpet or a collection of chairs around a conference table, move these off the commercial carpeting to optimize cleaning access. Our experienced cleaning staff will take care of the rest!
  • Consider Customers: Before bringing in our professional commercial carpet cleaners, communicate with your staff members and potential customers. Our work is more effective if folks know we’re going to be in your commercial or office space or if we complete cleaning outside of your regular business hours. Take that into consideration when you schedule the appointment!


Before hiring professional carpet cleaning staff in the Spring Grove, PA area, take the above actions into consideration. In addition to receiving an excellent, professional-quality commercial carpet cleaning, you’ll also be able to communicate specific needs without interrupting daily business.


Ready to get started? Call our professional staff members today!

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