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Janitorial Services for Mental and Physical Health in Hanover, PA

January 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Although flu season typically makes us think of staying physically healthy in Hanover, PA, what about being mentally healthy? The winter months start to feel long, even just after the start of the New Year.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat negative mental health throughout your commercial workplace, including cleaning your work space. Taking advantage of high-quality janitorial services will not only help physically clean your office, but will also benefit the mental health of your employees in a number of ways:


Make a Good Impression: Let clients and staff members see that your company is professional, clean, and important. Hiring a janitor means hiring someone to sweep floors, wash windows, vacuum carpets, and improve the overall look of your commercial space. Not only will this reduce germs, but it will make folks feel better when they walk through the door.


Reduce Employee Stress: Without a janitor on staff, office cleaning falls to employees. During the cold winter months, when morale is already as low as the temperature outside, do not waste their valuable time and energy taking out the trash. They don’t need additional stress. Instead, hire a professional janitor, and allow your employees to focus on their work!


Show Employees and Customers that They’re Valued: Do you value employees and customers? Then it’s time to show them! Along with making a positive impression on every person who walks through the front door, a clean work space can also show that you value their time and health. Customers do not appreciate navigating around loose papers or scraps to find your office, and employees don’t appreciate catching a cold from unwashed office surfaces. You value your employees and customers, so show them that you care by providing them with a high-quality janitor.

You know that janitorial services improve the physical health of your office, so this January in Hanover, PA, think about the positive impact they also have on your staff’s mental health.

Show employees and customers that you care by investing in high-quality janitorial services today! Give the folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County a call at (717) 767-4567.


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