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Janitorial Maintenance Services: Clean Windows Make Your Willow Street, PA, Commercial Building Look Great

November 15th, 2017 · No Comments

No matter the age of your commercial building in Willow Street, PA, it will need regular upkeep to protect your investment. When you think about janitorial cleaning, you probably think about floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and daily maintenance such as trash removal, but often the windows get neglected. At ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County, we provide a full suite of janitorial services for your commercial building including window cleaning.

Windows on commercial buildings can directly affect the energy efficiency of the building. When dirt and pollutants collect on your window surfaces, they block the sun’s UV rays, preventing natural heating. In addition, glass can be worn down by dirt and particulates over time, leaving it pitted, discolored, and damaged.

Other natural and man-made elements that may dirty your windows:

Sprinkler systems often water sources that have calcium and other hard minerals in them. If these sprinklers hit your windows the minerals from the water can cause spots and streaks on the window surface. This can lead to the corroding of the glass surface.

Metal-framed windows can trap water, rust, and oxidation that transfer onto the glass. Without regular janitorial cleaning, this rust can cause damage to the window panes.

Construction done in the building can mean that there is a buildup of dust and dirt that makes the windows look dingy.

Maintaining your building’s appearance in Willow Springs, PA, is essential. Regular window cleaning maintenance keeps your windows shining and adds a professional appearance to the building. For more information about our window cleaning services and our other janitorial services, contact us at (717) 390-2044.

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