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Clean Business Carpets Best in the York, PA, Area

In the York, PA, area, take the time to keep your business clean from top to bottom. Even though most business owners are most concerned about what customers see when they stroll through the front door, typically at eye-level, the areas underfoot are just as important to clean, especially if you have commercial carpets.


Here are just a few ideas to keep in mind for your business carpet cleaning:

Pre-Treat and Pre-Clean: Even though it is important to clean business carpets following accidents, spills, or emergencies, invest in some pre-treatment options, too. Some of these include treatment sprays with low chemical content or simply a daily vacuum cleaning. Both these options will improve overall cleanliness, and likely increase the life of your business carpets, too!


Understand Stains and Spots: Before any type of treatment, make sure that you understand the difference between carpet stains and carpet spots. The major difference is time. After spilling coffee or ink that becomes a spot, remove it by gently blotting (never scrubbing!) the affected area. If not properly cleaned up, over time, however, these spots can become permanent, set-in stains on business carpets.


Choose Correct Equipment: Specific types of business carpets require certain types of cleaning products, materials, and equipment. Before applying any products to your carpeting, make sure that you understand exactly what your carpet needs. Additionally, if there are tools available for cleaning shag or cotton or polyester carpet fiber, do a little research and invest in the best equipment.


Hire Effectively: Professional, high-quality business carpet cleaning staff members understand how to approach all the situations previously listed, in addition to unexpected issues or concerns regarding your carpeting. To ensure a long life for you carpet and continued cleanliness, hire an effective, experienced professional.


So, contact the team that genuinely understands what your business carpet cleaning needs in the York, PA, area, and give the folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County a call at (717) 767-4567 today!