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Carpet Cleaning After Sanitary or Unsanitary Flooding in your York, PA Business

January 23rd, 2018 · No Comments

Flooding of any type is a crisis in your York, PA, business. Not only does the flooding disrupt business, it can also cause a danger to everyone’s health if the flooding is unsanitary. What’s the difference between sanitary and unsanitary flooding?

Sanitary Flooding: This is caused by water that essentially doesn’t contain pollutants. Examples of this would be burst pipes or a roof that caves in during a rainstorm. This water, while highly inconvenient, doesn’t contain dangerous biohazards or pollutants.

Unsanitary Flooding: Water that comes from a source that may be contaminated with bodily fluids, urine, feces, or food waste is unsanitary. Example if this include flooding caused by sewer backups, or backups from industrial restaurant sinks or dishwashers. Unsanitary water is sometimes called “black water,” and you should never attempt to remediate it yourself because of the risk to human life.

When flooding hits your York, PA business, your carpeting can take the brunt of it. In the case of sanitary flooding, it’s sometimes possible to restore carpet with our professional carpet cleaning services. ServiceMaster’s trained carpet technicians can be on site quickly to assess the damage and begin the drying process. Until they arrive, control the source of water and keep people off the carpeting. Walking across damp carpet can damage the fibers and padding beneath. With careful water extraction and the correct carpet cleaning techniques, we’ve been able to restore carpeting that was initially considered a total loss.

Carpeting that’s affected by unsanitary flooding needs to be removed and replaced due to the biohazardous waste that has contaminated it. Count on us to assist you with safe removal and disposal of the affected carpeting and sanitizing of the area.

ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County is available 24/7/365. If you have flooding and need professional carpet cleaning at your York, PA business, contact us immediately at (717) 767-4567.

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