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Commercial Carpet Cleaning After Flooding in Lancaster, PA, by ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County

November 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

Downtime caused by natural disasters or man-made disasters in a workplace can mean a severe loss not only to profits but your business. When your business is out of commission, it makes for frustrated employees, worried stockholders, and concerned clients. If your company has been struck by flooding, your floor covering, one of your most substantial investments, may be at risk for total replacement. ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster, PA, can assist with commercial carpet cleaning services after flooding.

Each flood situation is unique, and our trained technicians can be on site quickly to assess your commercial flooding. We know businesses need to get back to work fast, so we offer 24/7/365 service. When we arrive on site, the first thing we do is determine whether the flooding is sanitary or unsanitary before we begin carpet cleaning.

Sanitary Flooding: This flooding is identified as a source of water that comes from a clean water source such as a main water break, water heater leak, and the like. If the flood waters do not contain any biohazards, your carpeting may be able to be restored with water extraction, drying, and sanitizing. Until we arrive on the scene, avoid walking on the carpeting, so further damage is not done to the textile and backing of the carpeting.

Unsanitary Flooding: Sometimes called “black water” this water comes from a source that contains biohazards, pathogens, or human waste. Never attempt to enter an area if you suspect that unsanitary flood conditions are present. Our technicians have the right equipment, skills and training to remove unsanitary flooding and to begin sanitation in the area. Unsanitary floods can cause serious health hazards and remediation should not be attempted by anyone who is not trained in commercial carpet cleaning and water damage restoration.

If your Lancaster, PA, business has sustained flooding of any type, your quick action to contact us can mean the difference between restoration or severe loss. Even a few inches of water can serious, and we have the trained staff to deal with any scenario from carpet cleaning to restoration. Contact us at (717) 390-2044.

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