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How to Care for Commercial Carpets between Carpet Cleaning in Dover, PA

May 1st, 2019 · No Comments

When handling commercial carpets this April in the Dover, PA area, make certain you understand exactly who you’re hiring and how you’re maintaining your carpeting between cleanings. Fortunately, the folks at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County understand exactly how to help you!


Here are ways to keep your commercial carpeting looking fresh, even between cleanings!


Handle Stains: If there’s a spill on the lunch room carpeting, or perhaps an ink cartridge slips onto the floor, immediately try to clean it up. Although a commercial carpet cleaning service will take care of residual spots during routine carpet cleanings, immediately addressing spills will increase the likelihood of an effective deep cleaning.


Apply Carefully: While tackling stains is important, make sure you use the correct cleaning products for your carpeting. That may mean spending a little extra money on quality carpet cleaners or double-checking the ingredients on your DIY cleaning list. Apply with care, and always test a new cleaning product in an unnoticeable corner first!


Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure: Many business owners don’t realize that carpeting can be damaged by excessive exposure to the heat and UV rays of sunlight. Although sunshine doesn’t cause your carpets to become dirty, it can deteriorate the carpet fibers and cause the carpeting to fade. As a result, it won’t last as long or stay looking fresh and welcoming. So, pull down the blinds often, and show your carpets some love!


Budget Thoughtfully: Although many companies are looking for ways to save money, carpet care is not the place to cut costs. Stay within your budget, but don’t entrust your carpeting to inexperienced carpet cleaners. Instead, hire the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County. Our experienced technicians utilize the most modern equipment, techniques, and cleaning solutions to ensure your carpeting is safely and effectively cleaned and stain-free.


Take care of your commercial carpets this April in the Dover, PA area. In addition to entrusting your carpets to our professional staff members, make sure to also take care of your carpets between cleanings.


For all your carpet cleaning needs, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County today!

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