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Business Cleaning before Flu Season

November 4th, 2019 · No Comments

Before flu season arrives in the Lancaster, PA, area, invest in a high-quality business cleaning. If you’re concerned about keeping both your office and employees healthy this winter, make sure to contact the team at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County before the cold weather officially arrives.


Here are just a few reasons to start business cleaning before flu season starts:


Reduce Flu Virus: Did you know that the flu virus is able to survive on a surface for up to 48 hours? This means if one ill employee sneezes on a desktop, those germs may be contagious for two full workdays. A regular business cleaning will not only reduce waste and remove dirt around the office, but it will also remove harmful germs!


Increase Office Health: If your business cleaning addresses regularly removing germs and bacteria, the overall space will be much healthier for everyone who walks through the door. Whether you’re bringing in new customers, conducting job interviews, or working with the same daily staff members, make sure to maintain the cleanest office possible!


Improve Employee Workplace: Additionally, if you keep a healthier office, you’ll create a better, healthier, more productive workplace for your employees. That means investing in not only their health, but also in your company’s productivity. Rather than customers catching the flu in the office and taking a few days off, make sure they have the healthiest workplace possible with quality business cleaning!


So, this winter, if you are concerned about preventing the flu from infecting your place of business in the Lancaster, PA, area, take the time to hire a quality business cleaner. Our professional team is ready to work with you, create a cleaning plan, and support your office before the height of the flu season arrives. Don’t risk the health of your office, customers, clients, or employees. Instead, this November, give us a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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