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Take Care of Summertime Carpet Cleaning in the Millersville, PA, Area

May 31st, 2019 · No Comments

Carpet cleaning is important all year long in the Millersville, PA, area, but especially during the summer months. As the weather changes, so do the types of wear and staining experienced by your carpet.


Fortunately, there are carpet cleaning professionals who understand how to treat every type of stain. The folks at ServiceMaster of Lancaster County will remove any stain from your office carpets, including:


Grass Stains: Even if your staff members wipe their feet, occasional grass stains are bound to happen during the summer months! Chlorophyll in grass unfortunately makes a great dye, which leaves carpets vulnerable to the outdoor elements. If grass happens to get ground in to your carpets, make sure to address the stain quickly. Otherwise, it’ll become a permanent mark in your hallway, entrance, or conference room!


Drink and Food Spills: Although summertime is a great time to host company cookouts, picnics, or other social events, these celebrations may leave your carpets looking a little dull! Watch out for spilled barbeque sauce and beverages, and always start by blotting out stains rather than rubbing them. Then, call in the professionals to help carpet clean!


Mud Tracks: After a summertime rain, look out for mud tracked through the front door! Although mud stains can be removed, it’s easiest if you allow the mud to dry first. Then, once additional staining is no longer an issue, vacuum up the dried-up mud. If the mud stain is stubborn, however, make sure to call in professional assistance!


As summertime approaches in the Millersville, PA, area, make sure that your carpeting is prepared. Offices are busy during this time of year, with social gatherings and outdoor events, but the folks at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County are here to keep your office looking fresh!


Ready to start the carpet cleaning process? Give our professional team a call at (717) 390-2044 today!

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