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Carpet Cleaning for All Types of Carpet Fibers in Willow Street, PA

April 11th, 2019 · No Comments

The best way to protect and clean carpets in Willow Street, PA is to know what’s underfoot! Whether worrying about a recent spill, weather-related stains, or considering a general carpet cleaning, make sure to understand the type of carpeting you have within the office first.

Here are just a few types of carpeting that may be in your office!


Polyester Fibers: There’s plenty of good news if your commercial carpets are polyester, especially because these relatively inexpensive carpets are very easy to clean! Polyester is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew and insect damage. Unfortunately, as far as synthetic carpet materials go, polyester is not especially durable and is likely to flatten out or show signs of wear over time.


Nylon or Olefin Fibers: Unlike polyester, nylon and olefin carpets are more resilient. These synthetic fibers are still inexpensive but tend to wear better over a long period of time. Additionally, with these materials, your carpet cleaning needs might not be as dire because both act as stain repellents and are less likely to fade over time. These types of synthetics, however, are more likely to melt or experience heat damage than natural carpeting materials.


Wool or Cotton: If your carpets are not synthetic, they’re likely either wool or cotton. These natural materials often complicate carpet cleaning simply because they absorb stains more readily than synthetic materials. Wool and cotton are also more expensive to install, although they add a wonderful texture to an office space and better regulate indoor temperatures than synthetic materials.


Before trying to clean carpets in the Willow Street, PA area, understand what you’re working with. Carpets are not cleaned or created equally and require different processes depending on their materials.

Uncertain which type of carpet fabric you have within your business? Contact the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County today and allow us to take care of your carpet cleaning this March!

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