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3 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Can Be Fixed with Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Manchester, PA

March 25th, 2019 · No Comments

The appearance of your commercial carpets reflects significantly on your Manchester, PA, business. From spills to debris being tracked in, your carpets can quickly start looking dingy or unprofessional.

Unfortunately, improper cleaning can do just as much damage to your commercial carpets as dirt and spills.

The commercial carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County have witnessed the effects of improper carpet cleaning and want to help you avoid them. Keep reading to learn the top three carpet cleaning mistakes we see and how to avoid them!


1.  (Improperly) Using a Rented Carpet Cleaning Machine

Rental units are a popular option for DIY carpet cleaning. Can they be effective? Sure. Do they remove some stains? Yes.

However, rental carpet cleaning machines open you up to a lot of mistakes that can leave your carpets looking worse than when you started.

First, you must make sure you add the carpet cleaning solution correctly; or else, you’ll find the solution applied unevenly, making for an uneven appearance.

Second, using a rented carpet cleaning machine can also cause issues with fungus if done improperly. If you leave too much moisture in your carpet and fail to effectively dry it, the moisture can become a breeding ground for fungus, leading to a job that needs a professional to remedy.

Lastly, if the cleaning solution isn’t completely removed from the carpet, it will attract more dirt, making your carpets look dirtier faster.

Why not use professional services right away to avoid these mishaps?


2.  (Improperly) Using Spot Treatment Solution

A spot treatment solution can help rid your carpet of certain stains. It can also have catastrophic results if done improperly.

If you use the wrong spot treatment solution—one that’s too potent for your carpet or uses incompatible materials—you can leave hard to remove marks and burns on your carpet. Instead of removing the stain, it can create a larger one.

Our team of trained carpet cleaning experts will make sure to use a solution specific to your carpet fabric to ensure an immaculate appearance afterward.


3.  Not Utilizing the Help of a Professional

We’re professional carpet cleaners, so it’s natural for us to suggest you use professional carpet cleaning services. But think about it.

When making decisions about your business, there’s little room for error. You don’t have time to clean up after mistakes or do things over and over again, only to not get the results you want. Your business is also an investment you want to take care of the best you can. Hiring professionals who can provide you with the best clean, maintain the integrity of your carpets, and extend their lifespan is just good business sense.

Ready to revive your commercial carpets? Schedule your carpet cleaning services in Manchester, PA, today by calling us at (717) 767-4567.


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