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This New Year, Resolve to Commit to Commercial Cleaning in York, PA

January 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

The New Year is a perfect time to start fresh, especially around your commercial office space in York, PA! This January, along with making a few personal resolutions, take a few minutes to set resolutions commercial cleaning around your office too.


Unsure where to get started or how often to clean? Let’s take a look:


Monthly: When cleaning commercial spaces this New Year, resolve to clean certain areas once each month. Some office spaces often go unnoticed, and while one cleaning every 30 days may not seem like a huge commitment, it will improve the overall health and cleanliness of the office. Vacuum fabric surfaces once each month, and also dust off all air vents. It’s important to dust hard-to-reach areas too!


Weekly: Weekly tasks require a little more commitment, but make a big difference when cleaning commercial spaces. Set aside one day each week to clean off hardwood surfaces, such as desks and conference tables, and to empty the staff lounge refrigerator. Challenge co-workers to start labeling food in shared spaces. Once all of those unmarked leftovers are in the garbage, take the trash container outside, and make sure to spot-clean this as needed!


Daily: Although daily commercial cleaning resolutions require the most commitment, they also make the most impact on your daily work life. The “clean-as-you-go” philosophy extends to all the ongoing, smaller tasks around your office space, such as regularly cleaning high trafficked surfaces, door handles, and floors. Also, make sure to clean any messes as soon as they occur, rather than allowing nasty stains to set into the carpet. And be sure to wash your hands often!


What is your commercial cleaning resolution this January in York, PA? If you are uncertain how to begin cleaning commercial office spaces, or need an extra set of hands, let the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County help. We understand how to freshen up your commercial space, so give us a call at (717) 767-4567 today!

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