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Protecting your Business’ Carpets from Salt in Lancaster, PA with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

November 20th, 2018 · No Comments

During the winter months, carpeting takes a beating with wet soggy snow, slush, and dirt being tracked in. With every step into your Lancaster, PA office, your carpeting is being tamped down, dirtied, and subjected to wear-and-tear. But of all the things that track in on your shoes and boots, the worst offender is road salt. While road salt is great for melting ice on our roads and sidewalks, its alkaline nature wreaks havoc on your commercial carpets. With winter far from over and more and more salt is being tracked onto your carpets, ruining them. That’s where we come in. ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County provides commercial carpet cleaning to help keep your carpeting from being worn down by the effects of road salt.

Technicians Who Understand Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While the salt may seem like nothing more than an annoyance, it can cause serious damage to your carpets and needs to be treated by professional commercial carpet cleaners. Road salt is comprised of different elements including calcium carbonate and sodium chloride. As we mentioned, salt is alkaline, and care must be taken to making sure the right cleaning solutions are used to remove the salt from the carpet fibers. If not cleaned correctly, the salt residue can be ground into the fibers when the carpet becomes damp, causing those nasty white rings to appear again and again. This commonly happens when people attempt to DIY their commercial carpet cleaning with commercial cleaning fluids that are also alkaline. The two compounds don’t mix, and you’ll end up with carpeting that, at best, is not completely cleaned and, at worst, damaged. Our trained commercial carpet cleaning technicians are trained to analyze your commercial carpeting to determine kind of fiber and material it’s made of and the best cleaning methods to keep it clean and staying that way.


We also want to help you prevent salt from damaging your carpets!

To help protect your commercial carpets, we suggest you:

  • Invest in walk-off mats around your doorways to minimize the salt, snow, and dirt that is tracked onto your carpeting
  • Keep doorways and walkways up to your building as free of snow as possible
  • Increase the frequency of your carpet cleaning during the winter months to quickly remove salt, sand, and other debris before they become a serious problem


Don’t wait until it’s too late! We can help you protect your carpeting investment with commercial carpet cleaning services to reduce the effects of road salt on your flooring in Lancaster PA. Contact us at (717) 390-2044 to schedule your appointment today!

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