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Holding Ourselves to the Highest Healthcare Cleaning Standards in Lititz, PA

November 9th, 2018 · No Comments

Healthcare facilities are dynamic and busy places day and night. If it’s a hospital, dental office, or general practitioner’s office, there’s always someone coming or going, and of course, there are always sick people and germs to think about. If you’re maintaining a healthcare center, your job is busy all day, every day. It can be hard to think about keeping up with healthcare cleanliness guidelines when you have other important things to attend to. That’s where ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County comes in. We provide quality healthcare cleaning services in Lititz, PA, and we can help keep your facility clean and up to OSHA’s sanitation standards.
A written schedule of healthcare cleaning is required by OSHA wherever there’s an area that could be affected by blood or other infectious materials. Details such as when the area is cleaned and what surfaces were cleaned as well as what chemicals are used are important for your healthcare facility to continue receiving funding. OHSA refers to the type of cleaning chemicals used as “appropriate disinfectants,” and these rules should be followed to ensure the highest standard of cleaning for your facility. Our healthcare cleaning technicians are extensively trained to properly clean your healthcare facility.

For example, you wouldn’t want a healthcare cleaning company to reuse a bleach solution that they mixed days before as it would not be strong enough to disinfect. Using fresh solutions helps prevent bacteria and germs from cross-contaminating surfaces. Germs and pathogens can live on surfaces longer than you might imagine. Hepatis B can survive on a surface for a week or more. Using microfiber clothes and the right chemicals can trap and remove germs that you certainly don’t want in your facility.
Managing any medical facility in Lititz, PA is a big responsibility. You need to make sure patients are safe, your staff is happy, and all of the proper healthcare cleaning is done to OSHA standards. We have the experience and required tools to help you reach all these goals with our professional healthcare cleaning. To find out how we can help keep your facility sparkling clean and germ-free, contact us today at (717) 390-2044.

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