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Why You Need Commercial Cleaning Services in Lancaster, PA

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Professional commercial cleaning in your office isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity! The look of your Lancaster, PA business can quickly take a turn for the worse if you don’t keep up with cleaning. It may seem that a little dirt here and there won’t be noticeable, but it can create the wrong impression for your customers and make your staff feel unappreciated.  Here are just a few things our professionals do to keep your business looking spotless:


  1. Kitchen/Vending Area Cleaning – If you have a break room or a vending area, it probably sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. From messy microwaves to fingerprints on coffeemakers, we can take care of it all. We’ll thoroughly clean, sanitize, and deodorize these common areas to keep them looking great.
  2. Desk/Conference Room Cleaning – Desks and other work areas are where dirt, grime, and germs like to gather. We clean and sanitize these high-touch areas with care so people aren’t sitting down to a messy workspace. Keeping these areas clean also has the benefit of reducing workplace illnesses.
  3. Window Cleaning/Curtains/Blinds – Making sure your windows are smudge-free on both sides and blinds or curtains are dusted means your outward appearance will shine. Our professional commercial cleaning crew goes the extra mile to make sure that whether you’re looking out or customers are looking in, your company façade is one of being clean and cared for.
  4. Commercial Floor Cleaning – Dirty entryways and dusty hallways are not only an eyesore; they can present a trip and fall hazard to your staff and customers. We’ll keep your floors looking great. Carpet, hard surface flooring, or whatever kind of specialty flooring your commercial building has, we can handle it. Our trained commercial cleaning crew can have your floors looking great as often as you need us there.


Our commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA are customizable for each client. Let us work with you to create a commercial cleaning schedule that meets the needs of your facility and budget. Contact one of our helpful staff members at (717) 390-2044 today to discuss what ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help you with to keep your building looking great!


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