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Healthcare Cleaning Helps by Reducing Spread of Infection in Shiloh, PA

July 12th, 2018 · No Comments

We think of healthcare facilities as a place to come to get well, but in any given facility, there can be a risk of coming in contact with infection. We know that many people come to a healthcare setting already carrying an infection, but there’s the other risk; coming in contact with an area that has been cross-contaminated. ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County knows there are no shortcuts when it comes to professional healthcare cleaning as lives can depend on it.


When people come to a healthcare facility they expect a high level of care and cleanliness. That’s why we approach cleaning healthcare facilities with the right tools and knowledge to clean and sanitize them. There are two ways that patients can be directly and indirectly exposed to infections in healthcare facilities in Shiloh, PA.


Direct Exposure

Although great precautions are taken to avoid contamination by direct touch, there’s still a risk. One of the most common scenarios is that infected healthcare workers can be infecting patients by transmitting the microorganisms through touch or passing them via airborne emissions. Healthcare facilities must be vigilant in enforcing a strict protocol of hygienic practices such as:

  • Proper hand washing
  • Use of gloves and masks
  • Proper disposal of medical items
  • Adhering to the standards set by OSHA


Indirect Exposure

Great care is generally taken to make sure patients who have infections don’t come into contact with each other. However, if a patient checks into a room that hasn’t been appropriately cleaned and sanitized, there’s the risk of them being contaminated by touching surfaces in the room. That can spell disaster for a patient with an already weakened immune system. When there’s a strict healthcare cleaning protocol in place, this is much less likely to happen. Indirect exposure can also happen if medical staff is exposed to bacteria and become carriers, passing it on to already sickened patients.


While your healthcare staff in Shiloh, PA takes care of your patients, let us take care of cleaning your healthcare facility. We have the right technicians, tools, and training to clean and sanitize to reduce the risk of contamination to your patients. Contact us at (717) 767-4565 to speak to us about a healthcare cleaning plan for your facility.

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Commercial Cleaning Improves the Indoor Air Quality of Your Hanover, PA, Business

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Temperatures are starting to heat up in Hanover, PA, and with that comes allergy season. You might be surprised to find out that indoor air quality is a significant factor in the fight against allergies in your commercial building. The average full-time American worker spends over 80% of their weekly time inside your building. When you think about that, you realize how critical it is to keep your workplace as clean as possible to reduce allergens that can keep your workforce sick or producing poor work because they’re suffering.


Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air because of aging or poorly maintained air ventilation systems and dirty indoor carpets and surfaces. The importance of good indoor air quality can’t be understated. Poor air quality can trigger asthma, allergies, and sinus conditions. Think about it; most workplaces have mandated a smoke-free workplace to cut down on the toxins of second-hand smoke, so doesn’t it make sense to have professional commercial cleaning services to reduce the other toxins and allergens?  ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County can help you with your commercial cleaning to help reduce toxins in your building.


We use HEPA filter vacuums which are proven to collect 95% of the dust in the carpeting in your building. We also use microfiber cleaning cloths and mops because the static charge in microfiber collects dust and traps particles rather than just dispersing them into the air to land elsewhere. Our structured commercial cleaning system means that all areas of your building will be cleaned thoroughly and with the proper frequency. We completely tailor each building to the cleaning schedule that works for you and the traffic flow in the building.

From taking out the trash to cleaning the breakroom, to spotlessly cleaning surfaces, ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County provides full-service commercial janitorial cleaning program in Hanover, PA. Let us put our commercial cleaning expertise to work for you so your workers can work hard for you in a cleaner environment. Call us today at (717) 767-4567 to schedule a free, no-obligation quote for superior commercial cleaning.

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Our “Capture and Removal” System Means Better Janitorial Cleaning Services in Dover, PA

June 27th, 2018 · No Comments

The typical American cleans a home from the “top-down,” meaning you start cleaning the highest surfaces so that the dirt, dust, and debris fall to the floor. From there you clean countertops, then floors. Many people also have chores they do monthly, quarterly, or yearly such as carpet cleaning, cleaning of draperies and blinds, or a general “spring cleaning” after a long winter of having doors and windows shut. Businesses and commercial spaces are no different.

The offices and healthcare facilities we service in Dover, PA require a high standard of clean, so we use our proprietary system called “Capture and Removal” in our janitorial cleaning services. Instead of dispersing dirt and dust into the air and cleaning it off surfaces below, we use specialized microfiber clothes and vacuum cleaner wands with HEPA filters to capture and remove the dust from the surfaces. This results in a deeper clean and improved air quality in your building.

ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County prides itself in scheduling our janitorial cleaning services based on the need of each facility. Our cleaning staff keeps an expert eye on which tasks need to be done each time we clean your facility. Daily tasks may be things such as emptying the trash, cleaning breakrooms and restrooms, and cleaning high touch areas. Weekly cleaning may include cleaning overhead fixtures, dusting surface areas, and window cleaning. Monthly services may include floor maintenance, and many facilities elect to do carpet cleaning on a quarterly basis.

No two facilities need the same level of janitorial cleaning every day or every week. That’s why we tailor your cleaning schedule to the unique needs of your building. Keeping your building clean and free of dirt, debris, and allergens keeps your staff and customers healthier and projects pride in the company. We’re happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote for janitorial services for your Dover, PA building. To find out more about our capture and removal janitorial cleaning services, contact us online or call us directly at (717) 767-4567.

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Don’t Forget About Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the Summer Months in York, PA

June 20th, 2018 · No Comments

All winter long the carpeting in your York, PA business takes a hit. Wet and grimy footwear tracks slush, sand, and salt everywhere. During the winter months the carpeting starts looking bad quickly, so many businesses see the value of regular professional carpet cleaning. But now that we’re headed into the summer months, this is not the time to slow down on commercial carpet cleaning services!

Even though the carpets may not be subjected to as much soiling as in the winter months, proper year-round maintenance is critical to keeping the carpet clean, fresh, and prevent the need for premature replacement. Dirt and debris brought into your building is getting into your carpeting, causing breakdown of the fibers, and wearing the padding below. While dirt doesn’t leave obvious tell-tale signs like the white residue winter salt and slush cause, there’s still damage being done to the carpeting.

Dirt and debris aren’t the only filth lurking deep within the carpeting. Allergens, mold, mildew, insects, and even animal waste are being trekked across your floor daily. ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County provides professional commercial carpet cleaning services for all York, PA office, healthcare, and commercial facilities.

For carpeting to look and smell it’s best, regular maintenance is required. We’re happy to work with you to design a carpet cleaning schedule that makes sense for your building. We don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all approach, so our technicians carefully listen to your needs to help determine when your carpets should be cleaned. We take into account the amount of foot traffic the carpet experiences, the age of the carpet, and the type of fiber it’s constructed from. With this in mind we put together a comprehensive carpet cleaning schedule that leaves your carpets looking great, smelling fresh, and lasting longer.

Carpet cleaning isn’t a sometimes thing. It should be done as regularly as needed to keep up appearances and for peace of mind that your employees and customers are staying healthier and breathing cleaner air. For more information on professional commercial carpet cleaning in York, PA, contact us today at (717) 767-4565.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Protects Your Investment in Elizabethtown, PA

June 11th, 2018 · No Comments

In a commercial building, the investment in carpeting or flooring can be hefty. Commercial grade carpeting can run anywhere from $5 to 6 a square foot, and commercial grade tile can be $6 to 7. If your business has high-quality granite or other specialty flooring, you can be looking at replacement costs that are over $10 per square foot. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your commercial flooring investment for as long as possible before you must replace it? ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help you protect your commercial flooring investment with floor cleaning services in Elizabethtown, PA.

Let us help you make sure your commercial flooring looks great and is ready to greet customers and employees. ServiceMaster Building Services cleans all types of flooring and we can customize a cleaning schedule for your needs and the needs of your flooring. We provide quality commercial floor cleaning for:

  • Wood flooring
  • Vinyl or vinyl composite flooring
  • Synthetic fiber carpets
  • Natural/wool carpets
  • Marble, quarry, or tile


Keeping your floors clean is only one part of the process of commercial floor cleaning. A regular maintenance schedule also means that your floors will be safer for your employees and customers. When flooring experiences continuous foot traffic, dirt, dust, and debris begin to make microscopic scratches on the surface of the flooring. Over time these small scratches will make your flooring look dirty and drab and can make the floor more conducive to slip and fall accidents.


Carpeting in a commercial building that’s not kept clean with commercial floor cleaning will show its age quickly! The fibers get tamped down, dirt makes the carpeting look dingy and flat, a dusty, moldy smell can arise, and you don’t even want to think about the germs, insects, and other debris lurking in the fibers.


Let us help you maintain the best professional appearance in your Elizabethtown, PA commercial building. We utilize the most current cleaning methods along with state-of-the-art machines to get the job done right. Our trained technicians will make sure the dirt, debris, and allergens are captured and removed from your flooring and leave you with a sparkling clean facility.

Don’t put off floor cleaning in your commercial building. Contact us for a personalized commercial floor cleaning plan at (717) 390-2044 today!

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Pride in the Workplace Increases Productivity: Get Started with Commercial Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

If your Lancaster, PA office is looking shabby, dusty, and grimy, it’s likely your employees aren’t feeling the best about their working situation. Studies have shown that employee productivity falls when they don’t feel pride in their workplace, and this doesn’t mean being proud of the paychecks they get. An office with dusty baseboards, walls coated in dust, burned out light bulbs, and overflowing trash cans doesn’t look or feel like a workplace that’s successful.

Clients, customers, and visitors will surely notice an unkempt environment. Even if they had a favorable opinion of your business before they walked in the door, it’s likely that opinion will change when they see the state of your office. Regular commercial cleaning services help put your best foot forward for everyone in your office from employees to the customers you serve.

By hiring a professional commercial cleaning service you’re ensuring a healthier, cleaner space for your employees which cuts down on employee turn-over and sick time. Let ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster, PA save you the time, headaches, and hassles of trying to maintain a clean office

If you invest in a deep clean once a year and think that’s good enough while you attempt to maintain the cleaning of the office yourself, or try to convince your staff to help with the cleaning, you might be costing rather than saving yourself more money than you think. Staff that’s asked to vacuum carpeting, clean upholstery, and mop hard surface floors may seek other employment. By hiring a professional commercial cleaning service, you can reduce the number of deep cleans your business requires because it’ll stay looking great longer.

Invest in a cleaner, healthier workplace for the good of everyone who enters your business. Our cleaning technicians can come in and clean in a fraction of the time you could and will leave the office looking and smelling great. Imagine the smiles on your staff when they come in and find clean, sparkling surroundings!


The professionals at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County are here for your business in Lancaster, PA. To talk to us more about your personalized commercial cleaning plan, contact us today at (717) 390-2044.


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Healthcare Cleaning is Important Business in Manchester, PA

June 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Whether we’re cleaning a doctor’s office, dentist’s office, or hospital in Manchester, PA, we make sure it’s done the right way! ServiceMaster Commercial Services of York County provides excellent healthcare cleaning to ensure your staff and patients are in a facility that’s well maintained and as free from germs and pathogens as possible.

We customize every healthcare cleaning plan to specifically address the needs of our clients and keep them compliant with JCAHO, HIPAA, and the CDC. Each of our healthcare cleaning technicians is highly trained in the importance of cleaning and sanitizing your facility. Here are just a few ways we make sure cleaning is done right:

  1. Cleaning and Sanitation of our Cleaning Tools

Healthcare cleaning often includes scrubbing down areas of the facility. If we’re mopping a floor with a mop that isn’t sanitized to start with, all we would be doing is spreading more germs around! Each of the tools we use, from mops to cleaning cloths, are sanitized for the protection of anyone who comes in contact with the area.

  1. Prioritizing Personal Safety

Our crew comes outfitted with the proper cleaning gear for the job. They’re highly trained and understand the importance of proper footwear, eyewear, and gloves when dealing with medical waste. They’ll dispose of contaminated items in accordance to required national, state, and local ordinances.

  1. The Right Cleaning Solutions for the Job

In your personalized healthcare cleaning plan, we’ll discuss the cleaning methods we use so you’re aware of what we’re using to clean and sanitize the facility. If there are any sensitivities or allergies, we can discuss alternatives. Our goal is to clean and sanitize your facility, so you can concentrate on the business of helping people!


We’ve been helping Manchester, PA healthcare facilities look great for many years, and we can help you with your healthcare cleaning too! You’ll have the peace of mind that your patients and staff will be in good hands with us. Contact us at (717) 767-4567 and let our trained, certified professionals help you with your healthcare cleaning.

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Janitorial Services for Professional Floor Cleaning in Willow Street, PA

May 24th, 2018 · No Comments

As an office manager, you make decisions every day for your company in the name of the good of the company and your customers. We know you do because we do it every day here in the ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County offices as well. Being in business means making choices every day!

Our outstanding track record of superior janitorial services is well documented in Willow Street, PA. If you’re seeking professional floor cleaning for your office, then you have come to the right place! With our tested and proven methods of floor cleaning, you’ll be able to see and smell a difference right away, and your staff and customers will notice immediately.

There are many benefits of janitorial services for your floors, including:

  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Reduces slip and fall accidents
  • Extends the life of the flooring
  • Removes dirt, allergens, bacteria, and pathogens
  • Shows pride in your building

The trained crews at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can bring your floors to life! We can clean carpets, hard surface floors, tiled floors, quarry, marble, and specialty flooring. From vacuuming to mopping to spot treating difficult areas, trust us to make your flooring look the best it can be. We start by helping you form a comprehensive plan on how often you need janitorial services depending on traffic flow and your budget. We work with you to discover if daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning suits your needs.

We also offer many other janitorial services that can be paired with our floor cleaning efforts such as:

  • Upholstery cleaning and preservation
  • Leather care services
  • Fabric and cubicle divider cleaning
  • Post construction clean up
  • High-touch computer cleaning and sanitation
  • If you don’t see it on this list, just ask us!

ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County services commercial office buildings of all sizes in Willow Street, PA, and the surrounding areas. You’ll be dealing with professionals who know janitorial cleaning inside and out! Don’t trust your building with fly by night companies or companies that promise lower rates for the initial cleaning. Contact us and let us help you build the perfect commercial cleaning plan at (717) 390-2044.

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Yearly Carpet Cleaning for your Millersville, PA Carpeting Protects the Warranty

May 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

The carpeting in your business takes a beating every single day. If you think about it, your carpet is under constant attack as people track in dirt, grime, bacteria, insects, snow, rain, mud, sleet, and all sorts of other types of filth. Need we say more? Since a carpet is costly to replace, doesn’t it just make sense to take care of it with professional carpet cleaning at least once per year? ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County is here to help!

Most carpet manufacturers recommend a thorough professional carpet cleaning once a year. This is important to know because if you invest in new carpeting, most major manufacturers have a warranty. In some cases, the warranty can be determined void if you can’t prove you had the carpets professionally cleaned. While once a year is suggested, your business in Millersville, PA may need carpets cleaned more often than that. If you have one of the following you may need carpet cleaning more often than once a year:

  • High traffic areas
  • A healthcare facility
  • A daycare or school

Our staff will evaluate your floor covering, assess the trouble areas, and give you suggestions on how often it should be cleaned to keep it looking great for years to come. If you have a mixture of carpeting and hard flooring in your business such as tile or hardwoods, we can service those areas as well. One call to us can take care of all your floor covering cleaning requirements. We can also take care of your upholstery cleaning needs while we’re there to make your business shine!


Summer will be here before you know it. Wouldn’t it be great to greet it with clean and fresh smelling carpets? To make an appointment or receive additional information regarding our professional commercial carpet cleaning services in Millersville, PA, call ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County today at (717) 390-2044 or contact us here.

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Don’t Let Your Dirty Floor Cost You Business with Office Floor Cleaning in Lititz, PA

May 9th, 2018 · No Comments

Spring has not yet sprung here in Lititz, PA and we’re all getting a little weary of the snow. With all that snow, salt, and slush sticking to shoes and being carried into your office, it’s no wonder the carpets and flooring need a little cleaning. ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County can help you with any necessary office floor cleaning to get your office ready for the change of seasons.

Why should you bother with spending the money to clean your flooring and carpets? Your floor covering is one of the first impressions that your customers see when they walk through the doors. Scuffed and dingy tiling and dirty and worn carpets don’t speak to the success of your company. Furthermore, replacing floor covering is much costlier than a regularly maintained floor cleaning plan.

Our office floor cleaning services specialize in carpet cleaning for Lititz, PA, and the surrounding area. We have thoroughly trained floor cleaning technicians that know the right techniques to capture and removed dirt, grime, and residue left on the flooring from everyday foot traffic to spills and accidents.

Our office floor cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • A deep clean that projects your company’s professionalism
  • The most current and up-to-date cleaning methods and materials
  • Improving slip resistance to avoid slip and fall accidents for employees and customers
  • Full-service cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing
  • Protecting your investment to avoid early replacement of your floor covering

A polished and sparkling company image is essential in this competitive climate. Investing in your company by having clean and fresh smelling flooring will boost company morale as well as impress those who walk through your doors.

ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County takes great pride in keeping Lititz, PA area businesses clean. We would be proud to show you our stellar record and talk with you about how our office floor cleaning services would benefit your company! With a personalized floor cleaning plan, friendly and trained technicians, and excellent customer service all around we know you’ll be proud to choose us as your floor cleaning experts.

To discuss your floor cleaning options, contact us online to get started or call us directly at (717) 390-2044.

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